Cape Crusader


A bit of a throwback Thursday for this OOTD was the one Kelly & I used for our Bloggers United 8 poster. My fondness for black and white is still persistent as ever. I guess it's the red hair that makes me love the absence and presence of colors. No fuss, easy dressing for me! I think I've finally found my "typical" causal look. Nice fitting jeans, tank top, a chic outerwear and lovely pair of shoes to determine what certain look I'm trying to emulate. The thing about us girls is we ... [ Read More ]

Ahoy Matey!


There's something about full mid-length skirts that lets me put my preferred hip-hugging above-the-knee skirt at the back of my closet. I find the former more feminine and more Parisienne chic- something that I want to explore further as learn more on what style works best for me. Today, I decided to wear colors. I'm not really a fan of pink. I find pink unflattering for my skin tone kasi. Is it just me or other morenas feel the same?  I only have one pink clothing as seen on this OOTD. But ... [ Read More ]

Of Holes & See Throughs


My obsession for white clothes continues and lately, all I can seem to wear is white, black and gray. Is this just a phase or has my sense of style become classic (I refuse to call it plain Jane)? Still, I'm sticking to key pieces and basics just because the trends are, well, too trendy for my taste. Soooooo, here's the outfit that I wore during the Happy Skin Birthday Party. I got this blouse because when I posted this on my Instagram, a lot said I should, so I did. Bet nyo eh so bet ko na ... [ Read More ]

Floral & Lace


This skirt kinda girl took a break from wearing skirts as my legs displayed red patches due to skin allergies. I blame the weather, the water and whatever (hormones? food? allergens I'm not aware of?) it is that's causing my skin to go crazy. While my legs are better now, a few weeks not being to wear my favorite dress or skirt made me miss it. So here's an outfit post that's about two of my favorite pieces: flowy top & skirt. While I'm drawn to white, black and gray, I find cream and light ... [ Read More ]

All Out


New hair, new backdrop, new camera. Debuting all these on this week's OOTD post. I do have a ton of  outfits to shoot and being a momma is challenging me to multitask & it ain't easy. My SS (sariling sikap) team sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to the things I need to accomplish.  Alam nyo naman, it's all me, myself & I when it comes to producing my OOTD posts. So for this one,  all out na talaga as I exerted twice the effort in making this happen. I shot this during the window ... [ Read More ]