This 2014 Is All About FOCUS


The holiday break has given me enough time to think about how I can make things better. Although the break didn't give me much time to rest, since hands-on moms & homemakers like me don't really get a break do we? :) Nonetheless, it has given me the chance to asses myself and what I can improve for 2014. Out of all the positive, inspiring resolutions we always tend to make every New Year, I have chosen just one word to summarize what I want for this year. This 2014, my aim is to ... [ Read More ]

Thank You 2012, Here’s To 2013!


Today is the last day of 2012. Wow, time really comes by so fast if you're too preoccupied worrying and thinking about tomorrow you end up missing what's happening today. Yes, I am being all sentimental just like most people especially when another year is about to end. The Year of the Dragon has been really nice to me and my family. Year 2011 ended with a bang as I had a sty over the holidays and we had it removed all the way from Singapore. It ended with a bang due to the emergency procedure ... [ Read More ]

New Year, New You!

Hello everyone! Please check out my contributing post on You can also check out the Facebook link Here's an excerpt from the article: Just like a year that is different from all the other years, expect that you also will become different - or at least part of you. Change is something that is inevitable yet constant. It oftentimes happens to us unknowingly and more often than not, we are afraid of it, thinking that it can ... [ Read More ]

New Year, New You!

I've always had a "to do" and "goals" lists since I can remember. And what better way to do these lists than at the start of every new year eh? I couldn't agree more. I am an avid fan & reader of Ms. Jenni Epperson, I really think she's one of the ladies who can balance every aspect of her life-family, friend, work & fashion! She's an inspiration for new moms like me! YAY! :) And so as I was reading her blog, I stumbled upon on this  article and I would like to share this to all of ... [ Read More ]

A New Year’s Blog

I've read this article on my parish bulletin dated Jan. 2,2011. I like how true this is and how the writer thought of Jesus having his own blog & what He has to say :) Would love to share this to all of you. Feel free to share as well :)   A New Year's Blog By: Nicky T.   In this digital age, status updates are the norm. The internet gives everyone the opportunity to voice out what they're going through and what currently occupies their time. There's that great freedom to ... [ Read More ]