Expo Mom 2013: Its About Momtuition


  source I think once you find out you're pregnant, your motherly instinct kicks in. Soon after, your mom intuition (aka momtuition) follows. Yes? Oh there's a difference between the two, you can read it here. If there's one thing I've learned being a mom, it is to follow my momtuition. Mom knows best is an oft-repeated expression. That’s because moms, it seems, are equipped with the inherent ability to know when something’s going on with their loved ones without exactly knowing how ... [ Read More ]

T Minus A Few Weeks Til D-Day

Anxious. Excited. Overwhelmed. Scared. Frantic. Paranoid. These words sum up what I'm feeling as my due date nears. You might think being pregnant the second time around makes everything familiar and easy. Well at some point it is but in some, it isn't. After two and a half years of being pregnant the first time with Gabbie, I feel like I'm back to square one. Anybody here can relate with me? Raise your  legs! As much as I don't want to make comparisons when it comes to my pregnancies I just ... [ Read More ]

My Terrific Two Gabbie

The day I learned I was carrying a baby girl. Me at five months pregnant with Gabbie.

They say when a toddler reaches the age of two, he/she is now under the terrible two stage. I think that's not true. I think kids at the age of two begin to explore more and are more aware that they can experiment, learn and know more about certain things. They are more  capable, more curious to find out how things work and how things are made thus, making them try to do things on their own. It's also the age where they learn and recognize patterns, routine, situations and the like that can ... [ Read More ]

Stay Mommy, Stay! (At Home With Me)

bringing G with me to work

Raising a one year old kid is a tough job. It requires constant patience and understanding. You have to harness all your energy in trying to do so, and it helps to pray for guidance as well. Playing with a one year old person needs creativity and imagination, things that most people tend to overlook (believe me, it's not easy to be creative at all times). One must be armed with stories, backed with colorful yet meaningful explanation of how the world is. Yes, this is what I deal with everyday, ... [ Read More ]

I love Tina-Pay! este Tina Fey!

As I was blog surfing for topics about motherhood, parenting and the like, I stumbled upon the Topaz Mommy's post about Tina Fey. I remember laughing (my tummy off) so hard while I was pregnant watching her on SNL and her movie Date Night. This witty actress,comedienne,writer,producer has been my  one of my "secret" peg in becoming a grown woman (or at least an all around funny & successful woman,heehee) Upon reading her prayer for her daughter and can totally relate, I must confess that ... [ Read More ]