Me Time At Manos Nail Lounge


source This holds true. Even a 5 minute "me time" is enough to make moms like me feel refreshed and recharged. So when Beginnings Baby invited me and a few mom-bloggers to some "me time" at Manos Nail Spa, of course I said yes! Nail polish galore! There's Chanel & ZOYA. Orly OPI Essie Empty nail polish bottles are displayed too! Swatches of polishes makes it easy yet hard to choose if you're fickle minded like I am! I love that aside from magazines, they ... [ Read More ]

Stay Mommy, Stay! (At Home With Me)

bringing G with me to work

Raising a one year old kid is a tough job. It requires constant patience and understanding. You have to harness all your energy in trying to do so, and it helps to pray for guidance as well. Playing with a one year old person needs creativity and imagination, things that most people tend to overlook (believe me, it's not easy to be creative at all times). One must be armed with stories, backed with colorful yet meaningful explanation of how the world is. Yes, this is what I deal with everyday, ... [ Read More ]

Funky Feet Giveaway for the Fun Fearless Babe

Gabbie & her Funky Feet in a party

My daughter Jasmine Gabrielle loves Funky Feet. She actually owns 9 pairs of it. Gabbie, as what we fondly call her hates wearing shoes mainly because she loves playing around the house all dressed up yet prefers barefoot. So as early as 3 months, we introduced to her Funky Feet and boy did she loved them! Now that she's 8 months old and enjoying riding her walker and learning to stand on her own, she still prefers her Funky Feet over her shoes. I can't blame her, these shoe like socks can fool ... [ Read More ]


Mother and Daughter

Motherhood is the most fulfilling yet hardest job EVER. Now that I am a mother to a 7-month old baby girl, I've been asked the same question far too many times in the span of 7-months: "What do you do now?" and I always answer with confidence that I am now not only a housewife but a mother. I don't like it when people have this weird awkward reaction when they learn that the women they know are full-time moms or housewives. People tend to have this look that they're thinking: ... [ Read More ]

Mother’s Day

Mommy Tong

May has always been a busy month for me and Mr. Go. It's his dad & mom's birthday, our annual visit to  Antipolo Church , our beach trip, our Ninang's birthday, and now added is his boss' birthday, the election (for 2010) and Mother's Day. We don't really celebrate Mother's Day, just a simple lunch with my family and dinner with his, that's our traditional Mother's Day but this year is different. This is actually my very first Mother's Day and I was somewhat not used to getting messages in ... [ Read More ]