Back-To-School Shopping And Style Tips

BackToSchool Shopping & StyleTips

This school year, Gabbie's in big school na and we're all excited to take this journey along with her. As easy it was for us to send our lil' Ms. GJG to preschool, I find it difficult to do so this time around, given we now have a more structured school setting and a larger community wherein we need to conform. One of the things I haven't gotten used to is lil' Ms. GJG wearing a uniform. From the two years she was in preschool, she had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted and we didn't do any ... [ Read More ]

Recap Of Gabbie’s SM Toon Fest OOTD


Remember when I shared with you all the finds I got from SM Kids Fashion Toon Fest? I'm recapping all of Gabbie's OOTDs. They're just too cute not to compile. Heehee. It's such fun that I get to dress up my kids. Next time, you'll see Gabbie's lil' brother grace my blog with his OOTD. Abangan! Heehee. Sequined top from Gingersnaps, Disney Fairies skirt from SM Kids Fashion Toon Fest, Dora The Explorer lace ballet flats. Dress worn as a top from SM Department Store, Barbie skirt from SM ... [ Read More ]

SM Toon Fest: Disney Princess


I do not know any little lady who doesn't know the Disney Princesses. Every girl dreamt of being a princess one time in her life. Aminin! This week's OOTD is all about the Disney Princess. Here's Gabbie's take on what a modern princess is. Being a princess doesn't require only wearing pink and dress. A princess isn't afraid to look different, to stand out. A princess is confident in whatever she wears, effortlessly. She loves The Little Mermaid and this Ariel floral top is ... [ Read More ]

SM Toon Fest: Mickey Mouse + Giveaway

July 29 contest

As I mentioned in my previous post about SM Toon Fest, I'll have a series of #OOTDs featuring my lil' Ms. GJG and the toons of SM Toon Fest. Aminin, kids wear are typical most of the time. Dresses for girls and jeans and shirts for boys. This is a great opportunity for me to experiement my kids' outfits and styles when it comes to dressing up and having their signature look. I also hope this can serve as your inspiration where you can also pick up ideas on how you can give your kids their own ... [ Read More ]

Double Demure


This is lil' Ms. GJG's outfit post, two in fact thus the title DD (Double Demure) heehee. I took this photo I think mid-November and only now that I'm posting it because like I said before, I have many pendings. She just started school in this photo so look at how chubby she still is compared to now. My baby girl's all grown up! In fairness, she chooses her outfits na for school. As you can all see, leggings have become her uniform na. I can't blame her. It's ... [ Read More ]