Bleak In Baguio


It was bleak in Baguio on our third and final day. Although it was sunny, cold wind still blew.The smell of pine trees and whiff of cold air reminded me that we were still up north. Looking at our Baguio photos made me miss the lovely weather, especially now that Manila's back to its normal hot & humid state. Medyo stolen bungisngis photo. :D When I got this faux leather skirt from the  opening of the flagship store of H&M, I didn't know what else to wear it with aside from button ... [ Read More ]

In A Rush


 The past weeks, I've been operating automatically and have been running around like a headless chicken. 2014, why you in a hurry?! The thing is, there will always be things to do, relationships to build and commitments to fulfill. Time won't stop for anyone or anything so I must remind myself to indulge once in a while. But since Christmas is just 14 days away, you can say I am one of the many who is in a rush to do things. In a rush to finish a meal, in a rush to finish an errand, in a rush ... [ Read More ]

Cool Down


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to know myself more through a two day retreat. It was an insightful weekend as I was able to disconnect myself temporarily from the different roles and jobs that I have to fulfill everyday. With a recharged spirit and a better mindset, I feel free and confident in continuing on with my purpose everyday. It was such a treat to cool down and let go. I wasn't really planning on taking any OOTD shots during my two day Discovery Your Core (by One Life ... [ Read More ]

H&M Home Opens In Manila


If I were to build my dream home, I would go for a minimalist scandinavian interior. Modern, clean, homey with a hint of quirkiness. For the longest time, I've had pegs of what my future home would be like. Now, I won't rely on just scanning and browsing online for home interiors as more and more brands are opening their stores here in our shores. Pottery Barn initiated it, followed soon by Crate and Barrel plus there's a chismis that Zara Home is also joining in the home invasion. But one thing ... [ Read More ]

Alexander Wang For H&M Collection Plus Prices


 The long wait is over. Alexander Wang for H&M is hitting Manila three days from today, November 6, 2014 at 8:00 AM. Here's a peek at his Wang-y collection. Plus, I give some shopping tips to help you shop AWxHM. Here's the look book of Alexander Wang X H&M collection. The Alexander Wang x H&M menswear collection creates an urban wardrobe with the features and functionality of performance wear. The collection comprises 23 newly developed garments, plus accessories and a line ... [ Read More ]