New Normal


When you wake up in the morning and have trouble figuring out what to wear, then you seriously have a problem. Dressing up daily shouldn't be a hassle. That's if you have the basics covered. A closet's backbone is composed of basic wardrobe, a wardrobe that's very easy to mix and match with trendy or other basics. You can never go wrong with a white shirt but in order to turn the plain ol' basic into a decent outfit, pair it with a chic bottom. Such as this culottes which I've been wearing ... [ Read More ]

Flight Mode


I've never experienced long haul flights. I never knew what jet lag feels like nor what boredom and cabin fever are because my trips out of the country are all just within Asia. But if there's one flight-related concern I am bothered with, it's wearing the perfect travel outfit. Travel articles and blogs would always advise us to travel light and to keep it simple. As for our travel outfits, we are warned to always go for comfort. I was once a dress/ shorts kinda girl especially when I travel ... [ Read More ]

Chic In Culottes


I never thought I'd wear culottes in my life. I cannot remember if I did ever wear one when I was young. Maybe? I'm not so sure. Like any other piece of clothing that come and go, culottes is back with a vengeance. This time, the trend has made it more chic. Here's one of my favorite summer outfits to date! It's comfy, it's chic and it's effortless. It can practically take me from a day full of errands to a steady night with family or friends. Still into the whole black, white and gray ... [ Read More ]



While marsala is this year's pantone color, green naman is one of the two lucky colors for the Lunar New Year. Red has started to grow on me ever since I became a red head and green, well it will always be my favorite color. Ironically, I don't own any green piece in my closet, save for some intimate apparel & swim suit. I guess now is a good time to slowly invest and inject green in my style no? To welcome the Chinese New Year, here's a look that I currently love. This controversial ... [ Read More ]

Street Sweat


Remember my old post about this pyjama looking pants I got from H&M? As promised, I'm featuring it again and this time I styled it differently. I'm not really a fan of anything loose especially when it comes to bottoms because I don't think I can pull it off- that relaxed fit always looks weird on me. Also, whenever I wear something like this, Mr. GJG, who is brutally honest, would state how unflattering it looks on me. But this one garnered an approval from him. So push. Shempre black, ... [ Read More ]