Of Time Outs & Trips


Holidays oftentime resound to time outs and vacations. It's the thing working people look forward to aside from payday. Holidays are these extra treats we get apart from the weekend. But as mom, it's nothing really special. Holidays for me mean extra work, extra effort in making the household clean for the husband to appreciate, the kids engaged for them to not feel bored. Holidays for me mean overtime at work. I'm more concerned as to what my three year old wants to do and how I can juggle all ... [ Read More ]

Moms On The Floor


I have to admit it has only been recently that I've started attending events that focused on featuring products and activities for the family. When I was pregnant with Gabbie, I barely went out and was stuck at home. When Gabbie was a year old there were bazaars and other events that are appropriate for her but still we seldom went because well, we find that it's not necessary to go. But now that I'm a mum of two, I find events for families, for mums and even for women in general more ... [ Read More ]

Progressive Parenting: Let’s Talk About Stress


Ahhh Stress Drilon! A common gay term here in the Philippines for stress (thanks to Ces Drilon) that I have come to use to make stressing a little bit lighter. Stress I believe is inevitable. I think it is part of life but I'd like to believe that one has an option to manage the sources of stress in their lives. Sadly for others it has become a way of life, unconsciously giving in to the thing or person that causes them to feel stressed. Stress is a normal physical response to events that ... [ Read More ]

Blog Anniversary Giveaway Alert: Let’s Celebrate August!


Hello August! One of my favorite months because its my birth month and my blog's anniversary! Talk about double celebration, no scratch that. There's actually three things to celebrate this August. My birthday, my blog's anniversary and welcoming our dragon baby boy as I am scheduled to give birth late August so make that a triple celebration! *Hooraaaay!* Technically, I started blogging April of 2010 with this blog: https://mynocturnaljournal.wordpress.com/ few months after I decided to really ... [ Read More ]

My Summer Essentials


Summer is mainly anticipated here in the Philippines because it's the ultimate vacation break aside from Christmas. It's when the kids take a break from school, where Holy Week falls on and where the sun is out shinning so bright there's plenty of reason to do road trips, food trips or even trips to the mall. For me, I can say that there are three summer essentials that we must take into consideration. Allow me to show you what I mean by sharing you our quick summer getaway over the ... [ Read More ]