Biologique Recherche Now At EDSA Shangri La’s The Chi Spa


What's your skin type? I've been asked this question far too many times. During my derma visits, whenever a make up artist preps me for work or even while I'm swatching away products at a beauty counter. Often I find myself pausing before giving a not-so-sure answer. Uuummm, dry? But sometimes oily too. Well, to be safe, let's just say I have combination skin. Figuring out your skin type isn't that easy. While others can identify their skin in a snap, others just couldn't. For ladies like me ... [ Read More ]

What Makes A 100% Whole Mom?


Once you become a mom, you'll forever be a mom. There are no time outs, no vacations, no off seasons when it comes to being a mother. I honestly believe that being a mom really one of the hardest "jobs" EVER because the job that comes with the title is very demanding. So much so that the demands can sometimes leave us drained, if not, exhausted. You really can't give what you don't have. If you don't have the time, the energy and the love in you, how can you pass it on to others? Particularly ... [ Read More ]

The Beauty Rush


We're back to regular programming and this means I'm back to driver mode as I bring my kids to and from school. Grabe, it's really a struggle to adjust especially when I have to wake up before the crack of dawn. I think I'm slowly shifting from nocturnal to a morning person and I'm kinda liking it. Now that I think of how rigid our every day is, I find myself stressing even on the little things. When our schedule gets crazy and my flow gets disrupted, I really get stressed. I also don't get to ... [ Read More ]

First LEGO Certified Store Now Open In Manila


Three days ago, the first ever LEGO certified store in The Philippines finally opened. It's located at Kidzania Building in Bonifacio Global City. The press preview of the first LEGO store in Manila was flanked by LEGO lovers. I mean, everyone who attended the grand opening do know LEGO & most likely grew up with the brand. Back when technology was far-fetched, kids and kids-at-heart get busy with their hands and were pretty much Master Builders in their own right. I admit I was pretty ... [ Read More ]

Happy Skin Limited Edition Beauty In Bloom Launch


Last week, Happy Skin launched their 2015 limited edition summer collection. As always, Happy Skin throws one of the best product launches in the metro. They transformed the already picturesque Le Jardin restaurant into an even more ethereal venue perfect for their Beauty in Bloom collection. Here I was with Tin Dychiao aka Manila Fashion Observer and Sophie Uy of Sample Room. Note card customisation by #PrintCafe. Can you guess which card I chose? :) They also transformed part of ... [ Read More ]