Indulge On Rice With RiCo Corn Rice


Extra rice please! That's what I often times say whenever I eat! Hahahaha. Yes, I eat like a man so don't be fooled that I am on a hunger strike or do some fancy schmancy diet. Like a kargador or construction worker, I eat two cups of rice (sometimes more, shucks!) especially if the food is Sinigang, Pork Binagoongang, Kare-Kare, Pritong Talong & Tilapia, Laing, Bicol Express and anything saucy & spicy! Sometimes, it has become a concern of mine as eating too much white rice can affect ... [ Read More ]

Fun Family Bonding Activity: Mamon It Yourself With Monde Nissin


One thing parents always ask me is suggestions for fun summer activities for their kids and for their family. I always tell them that apart from the numerous summer programs that are sprouting here and there, nothing beats quality time spent with their kids during summer. This is one of the things I always try to do for my own family. And because my kids are young, ages 4 and 1, the best way we bond together is through food (cooking, baking and of course eating) and by being silly (playing ... [ Read More ]

Não Do Brasil Is Now In Manila


Let me tell you a story about a boy named Adilson. He grew up in the depths of Minas Gerais, an arid region of Brazil. He walks barefoot and every time he would requests his mother to buy him shoes, her poor mother always answer "Não" which means "no". He then decided to make his own. Adilson picked up colourful leather, fabric and rubber material in the impoverished districts of Belo Horizonte and created his first fair. Year after year of making new shoes for himself, his design and ... [ Read More ]

Colgate Oral Health Month Aims For Zero Cavities


It's alarming to know that 9 out of 10 Filipino kids suffer from cavities. Cavities are tiny holes in teeth caused by bacteria, which when left unchecked, decay teeth. Sadly, Gabbie is part of the statistics as she has milk cavities. She likes brushing her teeth, but she still drinks milk at night and would fall asleep with her bottle. Despite the brushing we do in the mornings, bateria build up at night has left her with milk cavities, evident on her upper incisors and canines. I know we ... [ Read More ]

MMF La Mode Moderne Pour Les Femmes


La Mode Moderne Pour Les Femmes or simply MMF means modern fashion for women. This shoe and accessories store is the baby of Chauntia Chan who is a shoe aficionado herself. Her love for shoes and travel are translated well with her shoe store which was inspired from the four popular fashion capitals in the world- Los Angeles, Milan, New York and Paris. So when I received an invite for a shoe buffet hosted by MMF, I was quite excited as it was my first time to experience it. What's a shoe buffet ... [ Read More ]