Blogopolis 2015: Steadfast Blogging


When Nuffnang invited me to give a 10-minute talk about steadfast blogging, I was super excited and yet super nervous at the same time. I mean, how can you talk about something you've been doing for almost 4 years in 10 minutes? Ang hirap lang di ba? I know fo' sho' I'll blabber & chika my way given I talk a lot when I'm nervous. So I opted to quickly summarize what I've learned 4 years after I gave blogging a chance. Like any other blogger, I started blogging because I felt like it was ... [ Read More ]

So Much More Than Just Bath Time With J&J


I like giving my kids a bath. Especially when we stay in a hotel, where there's a bath tub waiting to be filled so we can play with the suds and make bubbles. But on a daily basis, bath time has become a regular chore and as a mom, I oftentimes do it quickly. It wasn't until I learned during the J&J event that there's so much more to a bath than just cleansing. Did you know that giving your child quality bath time aids in his/her cognitive development? In the Philippines, 96% of parents ... [ Read More ]

Thank you 2014!


Today is the last day of the year 2014. I can't believe another year has passed by. This year was a bit challenging for the GJGs. Mr. GJG & I have been tested, career wise while the lil' GJGs got hospitalised in different circumstances. Still, 2014 was good to us. I guess it's the unexpected that keeps us grounded, keeping us on our toes and motivates us to move out of our comfort zone. 2014 was filled with lots of new and first for us. As we close 2014 today, allow me to look back as I bid ... [ Read More ]

Merry Cremas Festival 2014


I am a dessert kind of girl but I admit, there's only one kind of dessert that I have mastered over the years and that is the Mango Float. For someone who has a sweet tooth, I know very little on how to prepare my favorite meal. I guess this is one of the things that's still part of my goals. Someday, I'll make an effort to learn how to make desserts and master more than just one recipe. But for now, I'm okay indulging and satisfying my craving to eat sweets on a daily basis. This season is yet ... [ Read More ]

P.S. From Aeropostale Kids Fair


Spent one fine Sunday at UP Town Center to witness an afternoon fair dedicated for kids hosted by P.S. From Aeropostale. Of course a kids fair would be much more fun to attend with my kids, so I brought them along with Mr. GJG. The afternoon fair gave a vibrant and quirky vibe. Activities were lined up for kids and of course, for kids at heart. Shoot some hoops. Fooooosball! Temp tats Totes customization Of course a fair wouldn't be complete without some food. Did I ... [ Read More ]