I have more than a few blazers in my closet. I can't help buy everytime I spy something that catches my eye. Is it just me or are blazers/cardigans/toppers just too addicting? It can easily give the plain ol' white shirt and jeans an instant glam effect. Rainy days are prettier despite the gloom it bring because I get to wear my blazers! Here's an outfit post for the rainy season. I got this marching band blazer for less than $20 back when Forever 21 wasn't here yet, that was around 2008. I ... [ Read More ]



Bagong taon na bagong taon, animal print ang bungad! heehee. Haymsosoreeeh! As I've said before I have more than a few animal print clothes so expect me to wear them and post outfit shots here. Anyway, I'm happy to share that I've got this lovely buttoned-down animal print dress for only wait for it... 350 pesos! That's measly under $10 ang saya! I got from where else but Ebay. Naku calling the marketing people of I am an avid and frequent shopper so please get me as your endorser! ... [ Read More ]

Chain Reaction


My outfitey during the Joe Jonas For Bench event. Although I wouldn't really recommend wearing tent dresses when you're pregnant, since it really makes your middle section look more bloated, it's pretty much nicer if you pair it with something fitted such as a blazer or cardigan to "tame" the flowy feel of the dress. Weird that I've had this tent dress for four years now! Bought it in a tiangge in QC but never had the chance to wear it since 2008! A hint of white in an outfit ... [ Read More ]

Orange You Glad?


They say one of the lucky colors for this year is orange. Orange, tangerine, burnt, dark, light, neon. Whatever hue of orange you pick, you'll never go wrong with it well at least for this year you're safe. For today's outfitey I'm featuring the first preggy outfit on this blog. Well, don't expect there's gonna be a lot of maternity clothes because I am one of those pregnant women who still wear their pre-pregnancy clothes. But who knows, with all the cute maternity clothes available I might ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Pleated Maxi Skirt

pleated plea!

Hello, hello, hello! Today deserves three hellos because it's the midweek once again. September sure is in a hurry eh? Now for today's key piece I'd like to show you yet another great find I got from Ebay. Would you believe I got this pretty pleated maxi skirt for only P135 (approximately $3) WHAT. A. STEAL. I love finding treasures under P500 ($15). I think maxi skirts are staple and one can actually match it with almost any kind of top. THE OUTFITEY: Royal blue chiffon halter top: ... [ Read More ]