In A Rush


 The past weeks, I've been operating automatically and have been running around like a headless chicken. 2014, why you in a hurry?! The thing is, there will always be things to do, relationships to build and commitments to fulfill. Time won't stop for anyone or anything so I must remind myself to indulge once in a while. But since Christmas is just 14 days away, you can say I am one of the many who is in a rush to do things. In a rush to finish a meal, in a rush to finish an errand, in a rush ... [ Read More ]



I couldn't think much of a better title for this outfit. Akshuli, I was thinking "school girl" but then I already did an OOTD post of that when I was pregnant. So, I settled for "pa-preppy" because this post really reminds me of prep girl's uniform sans the necktie and shoes. Back when I was in school, I've always observed that there's always a school uniform issue, particularly with the skirt length. Schools always impose a policy where students should wear skirts just above or below the knee. ... [ Read More ]

Let’s Go For A Picnic


Summeeeeerrrr. The scorching heat prompts me to wear light fabrics and anything short. But sometimes, I find wearing just a plain tank top and shorts too casual even for a trip to the mall. Recently, I've learned to love kimonos instead of cardigans (wearing one is a no-no during summer). Kimonos have been currently favorite piece to achieve that layered look. I'd like to think they've become a must in every woman's wardrobe. You know, I never really thought I'd like kimonos, for the longest ... [ Read More ]

Summertime In The LBC


I've been dreaming about the beach for months now despite the number of typhoons that hit the Philippines. Every time I see the beautiful sunrise and the lovely sunshine where I'm obliged to wear my donya shades, I can't help but long for the beach. I wanna get a tan, sip on some cocktails and just be lazy. This outfit is dedicated to my long overdue beach trip. Summertime in Lower Bicutan City lang ang peg! LOL No more captions galore, gets nyo na to! ;) Deadmabells with the passersby! ... [ Read More ]

Birthday Suit


I've always liked wearing a clean, polished look. One that doesn't have too much going on. Pansin nyo? Heehee. Anyway, here's what I wore during my lil' Mr. GJG's birthday party which was also my birthday. I'll share with you photos from his party next week here on the blog. :) One of the prints that I will always like is snakeskin. Although, I'm not really a fan of snakes. Afraidy Aguilar ako sa kanila! Invest in a nice fitting white tank top. Such a basic piece that you can use ... [ Read More ]