See You At Bloggers United 6 + Get Free Tickets


I'm happy to announce (announce talaga?!) that I am part of this year's Bloggers United! Yahoo! What is Bloggers United? It is a group of top fashion bloggers united for the country’s grandest holiday bazaar. A shopping experience that is fun, engaging, and personal, as evidenced by the recent successes of blogger bazaars in the country. This year is the 6th year of Bloggers United. Join me alongside other style and beauty bloggers as we let you have a piece of our closet with you. We will be ... [ Read More ]

{Giveaway Alert:} Three Enjoy Kits For My Three Lovely Readers

ARC bcf

Hello, hello! Sorry I've been sort of in a blogging break. I haven't blogged for two days because I was busy with work (I had a shoot for a television commercial) and I had to attend my uncle's wake. On top of these, my darling lil' Ms. GJG suffered LBM over the past few days so I had to attend to her first. Anyway, now that I'm back I'm happy to say that I'm holding a giveaway! You know how we all love sales, discounts and bargains right? Purchasing and availing products and services for a ... [ Read More ]

Blog Anniversary Giveaway Alert: Let’s Celebrate August!


Hello August! One of my favorite months because its my birth month and my blog's anniversary! Talk about double celebration, no scratch that. There's actually three things to celebrate this August. My birthday, my blog's anniversary and welcoming our dragon baby boy as I am scheduled to give birth late August so make that a triple celebration! *Hooraaaay!* Technically, I started blogging April of 2010 with this blog: few months after I decided to really ... [ Read More ]

A Green Mom Is A Cool Mom: Mothering Earthlings Confession Giveaway!


Going green can sometimes be overwhelming.  There is so much to do; we often don’t know where to start.  But when it comes to being eco chic every step counts no matter how small, plus once you start the rest gets easier.  I have to admit my home is not a fully green home but I try to do better and better.  So far I limit my shopping by buying only what my family & I need. Most of Gabbie's clothes were bought even before she turned 1 year old, I let her use it as a dress when she was younger ... [ Read More ]

Review & Giveaway: By Nature Handmade Soaps

giveaway with go jackie go

I am slowly becoming more aware of natural products available in the market and I have come to love them mainly because of how gentle they're treating my body. You know what they say, natural is definitely the way to go. So when I received a lovely package wrapped in a brown paper bag I was delighted, I was ecstatic to find out what's inside. Goodies from By Nature Handmade Soaps! (l-r: Cocoa Butter Melt Soap, Lippy Pot Balm, Balm of Butter, Olive Beauty Soap) I immediately slathered on ... [ Read More ]