Heel The World: Foot Spa In A Jar

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Here's a product that your feet, particularly your heels will thank you for. It's affordable and handy. There's definitely no excuse to have dry, cracked heels with Beauty & Butter's Heel The World! It’s like walking on sunshine after a foot spa session at Beauty and Butter. Your legs are glowing, skin is soft, plus soles are smooth and callus free! Wouldn’t it be great if we can have that fresh post foot spa feeling every day? Daily visits to Beauty & Butter might be a tad too ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway: Win A Spa Date With Me!


May is one of my favorite months. It is the month where we celebrate Labor Day, Mother's Day, the birth month of my parents-in-law and I like it more than April because I just feel it's officially summer! Although my blog anniversary is three months from now, I wanted to get an early head start in thanking you my readers for making an effort and taking time visiting my blog (I would be happier if you all would leave a comment or two so I can interact with you!). Anyway, I'd like to thank those ... [ Read More ]

Green Chaos


Today's outfit is brought to us by tribal prints. This is what I wore during the beauty brunch at Beauty & Butter. Tribal prints are definitely making a comeback. This is the only tribal like dress that I have and I am so wanting more! I made a contrast with my outfit by topping off my printed dress with a denim vest, a neutral colored bag and solid colored sandals. Sporting my Eye Of The Beholder nails. THE OUTFITEY: Tribal print dress: Forever 21 Denim vest: Mango Statement ... [ Read More ]

Brunch At Beauty & Butter With The Butter Girls


That's a lot of B's for a title don't you think? *heehee* Anyway, few days ago I had the chance to do a beauty brunch with my fellow #ButterGirls at Beauty and Butter in Megamall. Let the pampering begin! Since I'm pregnant I tried Beauty & Butter's organic line Sparituals, remember I had my gel nails made here as well? Pardon my ma-ugat (veiny) feet. Choosing a nail polish color has got to be the toughest decision I make whenever I have my nails done. It took me at least 30 ... [ Read More ]