Beach, Please!


Summer is our favorite season here in Manila. It's really hard not to fall in love with summer especially if you're a sun, sand and sea kind of person. Despite the hot, humid weather summer brings, we like it because it always calls for a swim and if there's an opportunity for us to go to the beach, we'll go in a heartbeat. Before summer bids us good bye, Mr. GJG surprised us with a quick getaway one weekend of May. Me: In a few weeks time, it's back to school for me and the kids. I need my ... [ Read More ]

My Ideal Sweet Summer Escape

We're more than just a pair.

Summer= Beach. That's how it is and that's how it will be. I'm quite jealous with friends who were in Boracay over the course of summer. Long weekends, random weekends, holidays and even Labor Day, everyone I know somehow managed to fly to Boracay to experience the clear water, fine white sand and sip a cold shake from Jonah's while watching the sunset. Jealous much? Yes, yes I am. So I unearthed my photo taken in Boracay to ease my jealousy. Now memories started flowing like tears as I ... [ Read More ]

My Summer Essentials


Summer is mainly anticipated here in the Philippines because it's the ultimate vacation break aside from Christmas. It's when the kids take a break from school, where Holy Week falls on and where the sun is out shinning so bright there's plenty of reason to do road trips, food trips or even trips to the mall. For me, I can say that there are three summer essentials that we must take into consideration. Allow me to show you what I mean by sharing you our quick summer getaway over the ... [ Read More ]

I’m Ready For You Summer!


Today, Gabbie and I woke up feeling like we're in a cabana by the beach. The sun was shinning so bright despite having the aircon on full blast, the heat seemed to be touching our skin telling us summer's here. So when I asked Gabbie if she's excited to go to the beach tomorrow she giddily said "Mommy, swim!" As I was semi-preparing for packing our things I took out her swimwear and checked if it still fits her. To her delight she immediately tried removing her PJs instructing me to help her ... [ Read More ]

Quick Getaway

Holy Week is much anticipated in the Philippines mostly because it is the time wherein families can go on a vacation but more importantly it is the time to reflect & pray. Since not all of you are my friends on Facebook (although you can like My Nocturnal Journal instead, heehee :) ) I'd like to share with you some of the photos during my family's Holy Week getaway. Activity #1 playing at our aunt & uncle's front lawn. Activity #2 Swimming Activity #3 Bonding w/ ... [ Read More ]