First Time In Baguio


Sharing you a few pictures of Gabbie in Baguio. Despite the cool weather, my little toddler was sweating like a pig! Yes, she loves the cold weather just like her dad. While both of them find the weather so-so, I was semi-freezing! Warning: Cuteness overload with matching touristy feel. I hope this is something cute enough to jumpstart your week. :) Happy Monday! Go Join My Giveaway: Win A Spa Date With Me! ... [ Read More ]

Choco-Late’ De Batirol, Camp John Hay Baguio


No Baguio trip is complete without a visit to the famous Choco-Late' De Batirol. Islas Filipinas Food Products, established in 1996 welcomes everyone to Choco-Late de Batirol, the most awarded and recognized garden-restaurant located in Scout Hill, Camp John Hay, Baguio City.  Our garden-resto is a neo-Cordillera rainforest outfit. An advocacy for the preservation of culture and the environment. Visitors and guests are served a homely meal with hot Choco. "We are not a fast food...," we ... [ Read More ]

Holy Week In Baguio

Giant egg!

Sharing you photos from our quick Baguio getaway. It was hard to take pictures and at the same time enjoy the moment with Gabbie, being pregnant not to mention walking along a sea of people who were also on vacation. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a few photos for everyone's delight. We weren't able to take pictures at the Mines View Park because there were way too many people! We ... [ Read More ]

Cafe By The Ruins, Baguio


Trying out on a local favorite in Baguio that is well loved by tourists, Cafe By The Ruins is a quaint little restaurant located in the heart of the city waiting to be explored. The signage is quite small and a bit hard to read that you might just miss it. While waiting to be seated, Gabbie immediately noticed the contraption to churn cream/butter, gave us the can-I-please-play-with-it-look so we let her and I took a picture. *heehee* Sad that I wasn't able to try any of their breads ... [ Read More ]

Pines View Hotel, Baguio City


Booking a hotel last minute especially on holidays can guarantee you less chance of room availability and rates twice as much. Luckily despite Baguio being a summer destination, we were able to find an accommodation that was easy on the budget the very last minute which decided our trip instead of a staycation. Kenon Road has improved over the years. It was still steep but the road cliffs were blocked with concrete barriers. Check out the fog over the mountains surrounding it. The famous ... [ Read More ]