Now Open: Skin 101 Clinic Shangri-La Mall

Skin 101 is finally open in one of my favorite malls–Shangri-La Plaza. Over the weekend, I was able to visit and for the first time experience their service.

Established since 2004 with currently 10 stores around Metro Manila, Skin101 has become a household name in the category of skin care. 

Our medical clinics offer a wide array of affordable treatments and procedures performed by well trained physicians in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.

We believe that through the services of our clinics, everyone can now attain healthy glowing skin and a more confident self.




Most of the time an establishment’s interior says a lot about them. Skin 101’s colourful and hip interior gives me the impression that despite being in the skin care industry for 12 years, they do know how to keep up with modern times and still maintain the brand they’ve built.




If you have skin concerns and want to know what treatment would work best on you, schedule a consultation with one of their in-house dermatologists. Love the look of the consultation room, not intimidatingly sterile looking at all.

The hallway to good skin.


All smiles because I’m excited for my treatment. 😀

The rooms of Skin 101 clinic are all neat & pretty. I love how each one has different posters with encouraging words. It’s such a refreshing sight to see.



Since I just had my facial, I decided to try Radiofrequency Laser for Slimming instead.


What is Radiofrquency Laser?

Radiofrequency slimming lasers are literally meant to melt the fat with heat.

How it works: While the main goal of most skin-tightening devices is to firm up slack skin, these lasers actually work double duty to eliminate fats well. The non-ablative radio frequency energy the laser emits sends short yet intense pulses through the skin to target the dermis to potentially create new collagen, simultaneously breaking up fat. As the energy is deposited into the fat cell, fatty acids are released, and the cell eventually dies. This whole process translates to fat loss and firmer skin in the treated area.


Different wands for different purpose. My therapist used the second from the left (multipolar RF) for my abdomen area.


The thing about my tummy is it has loose skin (from my pregnancies) which makes it more challenging to achieve the elusive abs. And no matter how regular I go to the gym and work on my abs, excess skin is still hanging (for its dear life!). So one of the solutions recommended to me is to have RF.

My therapist applied a lotion specifically for RF treatments. Then she slowly massaged my abdomen area using the multipolar RF wand. The treatment prompts a warm sensation on the targeted area. If you cannot tolerate it don’t be shy to say it to your therapist for she can dial down the heat. I like how I’m able to withstand the heat. Though the wand gave me tickles on some parts of my tummy (side particularly), I like how my therapist targeted my lower abdomen. According to her that area has more loose skin (hello puson!) so that’s where she concentrated on. My Radiofrequency treatment lasted for 45 minutes.


The warm sensation lasted for a few minutes even after it was done and redness disappeared shortly after. I like that it didn’t have any downtime and I felt as if my tummy was tighter (or is it probably because of all the massaging and the warmth feeling I got during the treatment?). Regular workout coupled with a few RF treatments and I think I can get my abs before the year ends! Heeheehee.

Check out the newly opened Skin 101 clinic at the lower ground floor of Shangri- la East Wing mall. For their full list of services and clinic location, visit their website listed below.


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