Review: CYNOS Argan Oil Thairapy + Giveaway

I’ll reiterate again and again (pardon the redundancy) that I am obsessed with hair care products. Why? Because my hair is dry and partly damaged. Despite its condition, I have sensitive and oily scalp. Is that weird? Probably. That’s why I like using a variety of shampoos and conditioners, while I load up on hair treatments, masks and the like.

So when Tenylle of CYNOS gave me a set to try, I was super happy. I swear, I immediately used it.


Did you know that the word CYNOS is derived from the word CYNOSURE which signifies the ambition to lead the way to fashion and that the brand was born in Korea? Which is considered as the leading fashion trend setter in Asia. It is regarded as a first class brand of professional hair care products.

CYNOS products are available in the USA, Canada, Morocco, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Esthonia, Syria Trinidad & Tobago, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines.

The shampoo & conditioner are amazing! It gives hydration without making my scalp nor my hair oily. A few drops makes enough lather to cleanse & moisturize. I was actually saving it up for special occasions. You know, attending events where my hair had to look good. Heehee. But Mr. GJG liked it so much he used up the shampoo. Well, well, well. At least he isn’t interested in my CYNOS Morrocan Argan Oil.

CynosArganOilIf you’re looking for a quick leave-on treatment for your dry and damaged hair, I suggest use CYNOS Argan Oil.

CynosArganOil1I like it because the consistency is thick, which makes it easier to be absorbed even with wet hair. And when the hair gets dry, it doesn’t leave it limp and flat, instead it makes it soft, bouncy and tangle-free. I love using this so much, it has become my go-to hair product whenever I don’t have enough time to dry my hair.

Recently, CYNOS introduced Alex Carbonell as its first official Cynos ambassador to the industry. Showcasing his mastery and wit not only in cutting but also his extraordinaire hair creation in coloring and styling.

I would love to have my hair cut and colored by THE Alex Carbonell. He has been grooming more than a handful of celebrities such as Bianca Gonzales. Speaking of celebrities, my ultimate peg when it comes to fabulous hair would have to be Jennifer Aniston.

Yun tipong magulo pero maayos?! Labo. Di ko to ma-achieve. Always magulo, not maayos! Apart from being a good actress, she’s known for her impeccable sense of style, hot bod (I sound like a tomboy) and of course her luscious locks.

Who is your celebrity hair peg and why?

Today starts the countdown to Christmas and our friends from CYNOS is holding a giveaway here on the blog. Yay!

One lucky reader will get to experience the CYNOS Hair Care and will win a set just like mine, (see the first photo) worth around 3,000 pesos! You get to try CYNOS Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan Oil. Bonggels di ba? For more pretty hair for your Christmas parties.

How to join? As usual, easy peasy lang via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to all who resides in the Philippines and will run today until December 15, 2013. Prizes will shipped by CYNOS to the winner. Don’t forget, the more you follow and do the mechanics, the more chances of getting these CYNOS babies! Don’t forget to answer my question ha. No answer, no entry! LOL

CYNOS Products are available at:
Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell

Bench Fix

Tinette & Co


Azta Urban Salon
Louis Phillip Kee
Jimmy Lu Salon

Going Straight Salon

Creation by Lourd Salon
Salon G2

Jing Monis

Bambbi Fuentes Salon

Ystilo Salon

Salon V

Elevation Salon
Folded and Hung Famous Salon

Emphasis Salon
Face 2 Face Lucky Chinatown Mall 3 Annex B

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  1. Chloe Kintanar says

    Therese Chloe Kintanar

    My current celebrity peg when it comes to hair is Jennifer Lawrence. She always has shiny vibrant hair, may she be brunette or blonde. I always love her hairstyles on the red carpet. She always looks sophisticated and polished. Now that she has a pixie cut, I just fin her cuter. Geez how I wish I could don a pixie cut but my face shape won’t let me. Haha! :-)

  2. Ria Ramirez says

    “Who is your celebrity (local or international) peg when it comes to hair and why?” Sarah Geronimo & Agot Isidro – I just love the way they style their hair. It’s very elegant and stylish :o)

    mary anne ramirez

  3. Pauline Evangelista says

    Maria Pauline Evangelista

    My celebrity peg when it comes to hair is Sandara Park of 2NE1. She has the coolest hairstyles ever. She has been trying so many styles of haircuts – from cute to the bizarre and amazingly, she has the ability to pull them off and set new trends.

  4. magz_dc says

    I love Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green’s hair since the time of FRIENDS pa.. During college days.. I always copy the look of the gulo-guluhan ,walang suklay pero gorgeous pa din ang look. Now, I keep my hair up on bun tie since it starting to get long na. Then after office hours wavy hair sya .. Looks so natural lang. I want to experience that Argan oil’s magic with my wavy hair. :)

    Agnes Dela Cruz


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