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Guuuuuys December 1 na, 24 days na lang Pasko na! It’s probably the busiest month for most of us with all the Christmas shopping and gathering we have to do and go to. I thought it’s only us adults who are experiencing the Christmas rush but it doesn’t exclude kids. My kids also have a busy schedule attending parties here and there. I swear mas active pa social life nila than mine. Haha!

Here’s their party ready OOTD which they wore for their first social gathering this season.

These two have been looking forward to attending parties! They’re excited to see their friends, play, eat and just have fun. Like I said before they do have a say on what they wear and they know that attending parties mean they have to look nice.


I like this dress mom because it’s so soft and when I twirl the skirt makes a big circle!

My 6-year old tend ato be picky with clothes especially when it comes to dresses. She likes it when it’s comfortable and doesn’t restrict her from moving around. Obviously she likes this one. 😉


Mom take my picture! 

This lil’ guy was more than willing to have his photo taken more than his sister. He asked for solo photos so he can show daw everyone his outfit. This is his signature pose–hands in pocket and look away. Hmmm I wonder where he got this? Heehee. Despite being tired from the party he and his sister attended, despite being sweaty because the basement is not well ventilated, this little guy was very game. Something I am not used to!


When did you suddenly grow up??

Quick tip: When dressing up your kids this holiday go for light fabrics. We don’t experience winter so you don’t need to bundle them up. When it gets chilly, you can always add a cardigan or a jacket.


All clothes are from Periwinkle which is part of their holiday 2016 collection. 


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