My Shipping Cart Experience

So I finally set up my Amazon account because my friend Eliza persuaded me to get myself a Kindle Fire. I wrote about how I used Shipping Cart to help me consolidate and ship items from US websites directly to my doorstep. You can read my post HERE.

Here’s the second part of my shopping experience.

After confirming my order, I got updates from Amazon as to when they dispatched my orders.

It took a little longer for Amazon to ship my items because my sister ordered a few toys from different merchants. About a week after I placed my order was Amazon able to deliver it to my U.S. address.


But since my sister ordered a few more things, I had to wait for the second package to arrive at my US address which arrived about three days after the first package. I received an email alert from Shipping Cart about my order arriving at my US address. So when I checked MY STORAGE, my orders were there along with a detailed description of the packages.


They’ll also take a photo of your items. You’ll also see the details of your package– items, dimension of the box as well as its weight. This’ll make it easier for you to compute for your shipping cost.


You can insure your items for free as long as they’re not above US $500.

When my two packages arrived at my U.S. address, I processed them 5 days after pa. I had some concerns kasi regarding my shipping cost which totalled to Php 8,000. Factoring in the size and weight of the package because it included 3 pairs of shoes, 4 sets of toys, and my Kindle set (there’s a special handling rates usually for consumer electronics & gadgets- read it HERE).

15 days after I received an email confirmation that my package is good to go, I got it right at my doorstep.


Here are some of the things I like about Shipping Cart:

  1. Sign up is easy, you instantly get your US address.
  2. You can shop at online US stores such as, Amazon, Net-a-Porter, GAP, Underamour, etc.
  3. Your U.S. address is not a PO Box.
  4. You can get shipping estimates
  5. They can store your items for you for 30 days FREE. So if you plan to shop on another site, better do it before your 30 day free storage ends.
  6. They will consolidate your items for you. So you can totally shop to most US online sites in different days.
  7. You can insure your items for free at up to US $500.
  8. Option of either air or sea cargo.
  9. You can pay for your shipping fee via credit card, PayMaya, PayPal or over the counter at any LBC branches nationwide.
  10. You’ll receive notification updates via email if you package has arrived at your US address & if it is in transit to you Philippine address.


My Kindle Fire was immediately put to use upon its arrival.


More reasons for me to just stay home, cozy up in bed and get reading.


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*Shipping Cart waived my shipping fee as part of our agreement for me to share my experience. Thoughts and opinions are of my own*



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