My Oral Health Confession

Truth be told, one of my insecurities is my teeth.

Like most kids growing up, I love sweets. When you’re a kid with a sweet tooth, it’s pretty inevitable you invite cavities early on. I used to dread dental visits because I know the dentist needs to fix my teeth. Eventually, when my teeth were cleared from cavities, I made a promise to better care for them.

Still, I have oral health insecurities. Little did I know my lifestyle choices were the reason behind my discoloured teeth and plaque build up.


My being a sweet tooth, coffee and tea lover has made my teeth  yellowish & discoloured. I honestly didn’t mind not having pearly whites but now I’m more concerned on having plaque.

You see, plaque appears as thick, yellowish layer around teeth. It also leaves a soft build-up around the corners and in between teeth which gives a fuzzy-feeling  on teeth surface – that thin film your tongue feels whenever it touches your teeth.

Oral health concerns such as plaque can be addressed by having good oral hygiene and one of which is to brush teeth everyday. The proper way to brush is only one of the things we must know to have good oral care. Using the right tooth brush is also a big factor to combat plaque. My weapon of choice? Oral B Pro- Health Cross Action toothbrush.


I’ve proven how effective Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush is in removing plaque. It provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle and promises 99% plaque removal.

I’ve come to realize that not all toothbrush are created equal. I like using Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action because I feel the difference on how clean my teeth are. They’ve become less yellowish and I no longer roll my tongue over my teeth surface as often as I used to.


Having been through a traumatic oral care experience growing up, I’ve been more cautious in educating my children when it comes to their oral health care. Daily brushing, taking water after eating sweets and drinking milk, plus regular visits to the dentist are my nonnegotiable. They in fact love going to their dentist because he’s the best – they get to choose their own Oral B kid Mickey toothbrush and are given a reward for being behave in the dental chair.

We as parents need to take care of our children’s teeth especially if they’re too small to do so. If we teach them good oral hygiene at a young age, they will have good oral health as they grow to be young adults. I learned this the hard way with lil’ Ms. JG, so now I make sure I don’t make the same mistake with lil’ Mr. JG. I teach both my kids the right way to brush their teeth and let them form the habit of brushing after every meal especially after they drink milk at night.

No more oral health insecurities because with Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush, I can finally say good bye to plaque!

Now I’m challenging Angela of Lush Angel & Shari of The Misty Mom to share their oral insecurities, realization on plaque and their experience using Oral B Pro-Health toothbrush. Girls, I can’t wait to read your stories.



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