My Fair Lady

Midi skirts really make one look more feminine. There’s something about the length that gives a more girly feel to one’s #OOTD. I for one find myself preferring midis over short skirts lately. Not that I’m being too conservative, it’s just that I find midis more appealing because I look well put without giving away too much or showing off more skin. Yeeeees, lakas maka-Titas of Manila lang! Heehee.

Anyway, here’s one color combination that I don’t often wear as I am not a fan of brown/beige bottoms, but this one works like a charm.

I wore this to a lunch meeting and an afternoon launch. I could push it further and wear it for dinner & after dinner drinks with friends.


Something about this black and beige OOTD that makes it a classic look. It’s probably the cut and style of each piece of clothing.


I find wearing my hair back works better when I’m wearing anything closed neck.



First time for me to wear earrings again after how many months!


May biglang wind effect na nagaganap! Heehee.




top, Zara| skirt, Florence Fling| shoes, Heatwave| earrings,*gifted*




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