Mothers Who Brunch Holiday Potluck

Last Saturday, Mish of Momma N’ Manila and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina hosted the last installment of Mothers Who Brunch for 2015. The theme was all about holiday potluck. During brunch, we picked up a thing or two when it comes to preparing dishes that are potluck friendly. We also learned some new recipes courtesy of Mish, Sab & Trisha.MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo

Mothers Who Brunch partnered with NaawTy’s Kitchen and The Flour Girl. The menu clearly suggests that holidays need not to be stressful. Trish of NawwTy’s Kitchen and Nicole of The Flour Girl are here to help us with our potluck woes. MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_3SoMoms Tin, Kris, Conci, Mish, Michelle and yours truly.MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_2

San Juan moms travelled all the way down south all because we’re excited to try NawwTy’s Kitchen. So nice to meet you Trish!


As usual, Sab & Mish generously shared some easy peasy potluck dishes and each momma got to take home a MWB recipe booklet.MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo_3


Not a fan of cooking? Why not bring a cheese board to your potluck instead? No cooking required. That truffle honey is everything!

Jalapeño Beef Fingers with NawwTy’s Kitchen’s homemade Cilantro Cream dip.


One of Mish & Sab’s easy potluck dishes is Crispy Baked Potato Tray.

You need only 5 ingredients: thinly sliced potato, butter, salt, pepper and parsley (or any herbs available). Grease Glad ovenware with butter and layer the potato on it. Melt butter and brush some at the bottom of the tray, layer thinly-sliced potatoes and drizzle more butter. Season with salt and pepper. Bake at 350º F for an hour and sprinkle parsley before serving.

Tadah! Easy peasy potluck dish!

Glad ovenware is perfect for potlucks. It’s oven safe and can be used to serve your dish directly. You can store, prep, cook and serve with Glad ovenware. No need to wait for your casserole or glass dish to get cleaned after every potluck dinner. Winner! MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo_10

Trish of NawwTy’s Kitchen busy in the Viking showroom.MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo_4

Prawn Farfalle Salad


Crab Fat Paella

This is super good! A unique take on paella! Trish did an excellent job on this!


Spicy Lechon Belly by Manila Belly


Apple & Sausage Stuffed Turkey, Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Peppered Vegetables, Peach Marmalade, Homemade Thyme Gravy. Grabe, Merry Christmas na talaga!


Effort to get the money shot! Heehee. Thanks for this candid photo, Jay Santos!


Trish’s turkey is nothing short of amazing. I had a serving of it and unlike any turkey I’ve had, this one is moist and tender. I had it with drippings, homemade thyme gravy and peach marmalade. It is heaven in my mouth!



Festive dessert spread by no less than the ladies of Boqueria Lifestyle Market with cakes by The Flour Girl. Despite being so full from brunch, I, of course saved room for dessert. The cakes from The Flour Girl are delicious and worth every calories! Sorry, I didn’t get the names of the cakes but I was able to taste almost all of them so I’ll just give my thoughts on those I’ve tried. 🙂


These two cakes were too pretty no one dared to slice them & try them.



Banana Cake with Caramelized Nuts. It’s one of the best banana cakes I’ve had. Reminds me much of Baguio Country Club’s banana bread.



Chocolate cake with three kinds of chocolate icing. It is every chocolate lovers dream to have a chocolatey cake like this. It was moist yet fluffy and the chocolate icing in between gave the right amount of sweetness. It is love!


Green Tea cake. While I am not a fan of green tea, I like that this one is has the right balance of flavor. The green tea wasn’t overpowering and it has just the right hint of sweetness.


Salted Caramel Apple Cake. Probably my favorite from the bunch. While I don’t like apples on my cake, this surprised me. The salted caramel cookie butter icing complemented the apple cake perfectly.

Cookie Shots! Just add milk and you’re all set. Yum!MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo_13


I find Leche Flan such a very comforting dessert. It reminds me of my grandmother who used to make these for us during fiesta or Christmas.

Mothers Who Brunch. 🙂MothersWhoBrunch_HolidayPotluck_JackieGo_26

Goodies for us mommas! Allow me thank the sponsors of Mothers Who Brunch who generously gave us something for us to take home.

The Coolist, Noteworthy, So True Naturals, Glad, Crochet by Mrs. C, C&C, Piandre Salon, The Lunch Break Project, and Jam Foods. Mothers Who Brunch would also like to thank Boqueria Lifestyle Market for the lovely set up, Manila Belly, NawwTy’s Kitchen, Rich Earth Jewelry and Woodology for raffling off prizes, and Viking Range for providing the venue for the brunch.

Congratulations again Mish & Sab and thank you for the sumptuous brunch Trish of NawwTy’s Kitchen! If you’re having a potluck this holiday season, go ahead and order from her. Here are some of the dishes you can order from Trish of NawwTy’s Kitchen.


You can place your oder at 0918-9987474 or 0917-8665849.


Thank you Jay Santos for taking my portrait! 🙂



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    Oh boy! Those cakes look fabulous! I like the Banana with Caramelized Nuts. It sounds pretty good to me. And those Cookie Shots are definitely so cute! The kids will definitely love it!

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    Hi Jackie! Love the post, but it’s full of grammatical errors. From a third person’s point of view, readers can’t easily grasp your message because they have to re-read your sentences. Ask someone to proof read your essays. Sayang naman the effort you put into producing the pictures.

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