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My kids are in the stage where they let their imagination run wild and their favourite thing to do is pretend play. I would always catch them using different kinds of things at home – hangers, remote control, blanket, paper and other things that they can use to play different roles and be in different scenarios.

So when it comes to purging, it’s easy for them to part ways with some of their toys. It’s either they’ve played with it so much that they’re willing to let go or they’re just not interested anymore. But if there’s one kind of toy that they can’t seem to let go, it would be wooden blocks. It’s the toy that lets them create whatever the want.

So imagine their delight when I handed them a box of wooden toys. Everyone, there’s a new wooden toy in town and it’s called Tegu.


Tegu 24 piece set jungle at P3, 790.

Tegu is no ordinary wooden blocks. With a few twists to the left and to the right, you’ll hear a catchy, rhythmic sound, “click-clack”. That’s the sound of two blocks coming together like magic. That’s the sound of Tegu.

Tegu blocks are handcrafted from Huesito, a hardwood found in abundance in Honduras’ forests. Although this spies is not endangered, Tegu takes great care in harvesting it to make sure it remains abundant of rears and years to come. Great care has also been applied to the design of the product. The magnets, for instance, are safely hidden inside the blocks. They are no visible nor accessible. Its water-based finish complete its contemporary vintage look.


Each classic Tegu set contains long planks, short planks, jumbo planks and cubes. The cubes are a good clasping size for younger kids. Its functionality increases as your child’s critical thinking skills develop.

The first thing my kids created are wooden phones. When I asked why, they simply said:

“So we can call you & dad when you guys are at work and so we can pretend we’re at work too!”

My kids liked how challenging it is every time they work around the polarity of the magnets.

Juro: The blocks are broken they don’t want to stick together.

Gabbie: No, it’s not! You have to find another block that would work with the other because they have magnets inside.

Critical thinking, indeed! They’re crazy building up and out, defying constraints of gravity and teasing the realm of the impossible. The magnets definitely elevate the play value of wooden blocks. As they form different shapes and structures, their imaginative skills run wild, allowing them to come up with even more exciting designs. Tegu doesn’t come with an instruction manual as kids can play with it however they want to. Ay lavett!


It’s no wonder that Tegu has won numerous awards including the Academics Choice Brain Toy Award Winner, Dwell on Design, Astra Best Toys for Kids, NYIGF Baby & Child Best Toy, Dr. Toy Best Green Product, Parent’s Choice Silver Honor, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold. Wow! That’s a lot of awards!¬†Aside from these recognition, I like that Tegu is making a difference in Honduras (one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere) as it is made in the city of Tegucigalpa, it’s capital. A portion of Tegu’s earnings will go to two company initiatives: reforestation and education. So for every toy you buy, Tegu will either plant trees in Honduras and fund a child’s schooling. How awesome is that?!


Tegu Stunt TeamTegu_Future_JackieGo

Tegu Future

Tegu Blocks would make the perfect gift this Christmas! You can order yours through the Toy Specialist, a company owned by young momprenuers dedicated to bringing innovative and educational toys to the Philppines and Tegu is one of the brands they exclusively distribute.


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