Is Your Toilet Really Germ-Free?

As a mom anything that lets me learn to keep my home clean is always something that interest me. I remember my own mom saying “Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it’s automatically germ-free”. At first I didn’t get what she meant, I mean how can something that looks clean not be germ-free? Right? Well it is possible and Domex validated this statement.


In line with World Toilet Day, which was celebrated last November 19, Domex has done extensive research to learn more about the state of toilet sanitation in the Philippines. Surprisingly, they have discovered that 443 million school days—roughly one month of school for every child—are missed due to the diseases caused by unsanitary toilets.


Upon realizing this, Domex committed to fight disease through their partnerships with Maxicare, Philippine Public Health Association, and Unicef. For the past 3 years, they  have also been participating in the One Million Clean Toilets movement, where they pledged to educate 1 million individuals on what proper toilet cleaning really is.

This year, Domex aims dig deeper, targeting moms in order to inspire them in leading the change for clean toilets. The brand wants to emphasize the belief that everything—including proper sanitation—starts at home.



Domex aims to fight disease, one clean toilet at a time.

The Philippine Public Health Association has stated that there are a number of germs found in toilets that were supposedly clean-looking. They mentioned that in order to stay clear of germs that may potentially place a child in danger, a toilet bleach that thoroughly cleans germs is an essential to keep around the house.


During the event they also demonstrated how an ordinary bleach versus Domex can rid of germs. Domex swept more dirt thoroughly than ordinary bleach, proving it more effective in removing germs.


A toilet that smells nice and is free of visible dirt doesn’t always guarantee that it is germ-free. Unfortunately, some parents are unaware that even if it doesn’t look it, their toilets contain bacteria that may cause the following diseases: the flu, diarrhea, gut infections, and eye infections such as conjunctivitis.


To make things easier for mothers, there are certain factors to consider when choosing an effective toilet cleaner. The following are considered the most important: that the cleaner kills germs, has an effective contact time, and has a far reach. Domex exceeds all these expectations, killing a wide range of germs such as various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Because it is 100 times thicker than thin laundry bleach, it also lasts after 7 flushes, with other brands’ bleach only lasting 2 flushes. Lastly, Domex makes sure to target hard to reach areas in the toilet.


Tina of the Phenomenal Mama, Rowena of Animetric and I. Thank you Domex for further enlightening us that fighting disease can literally start with a clean toilet!

Domex is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.





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