IPL Sesh At Vietura

When I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the things I need to do, I try to take some time off from being a homemaker and one of my favorite places to go to is Vietura.


Vietura is an aesthetic lifestyle centre that offers a wide variety of treatment and services for the face and body. Vietura_JackieGo_2

It’s conveniently located in the premises of Sofitel Manila. I’m not new to their services as I’ve tried a few of them before. You can read about them HERE.Vietura_JackieGo_4

During my last visit, I had an IPL session for my legs.


I’ve been almost hair-free on my legs so a touch up is all need. And since Vietura was such a conducive place to relax, I literally dozed off while undergoing my treatment! Heehee.

The therapists at Vietura are very knowledgable in each treatment and services they offer. It would usually take 6 to 8 sessions depending on your hair for it to be completely removed. But since I’ve already had my IPL sessions before, this was just a touch up because there are a few pieces of hair growing in some areas of my legs. Vietura_JackieGo_5

My therapist had to assess the growth of hair on my legs before proceeding with my treatment. IPL will give a hot/warm sensation on your skin, but don’t worry though as a cold gel is applied on your skin to help alleviate discomfort. If you’re looking into permanently removing hair in the most common parts of your body (underarm, legs, upper lip) then you might want to consider having an IPL. Vietura offers packages for it so it’s best to come in for a consolation.

And after 30 minutes, I’m once again hair-free, at least on my legs that is! Heehee. Vietura offers a wide range of aesthetic services. You can request to consult with one of their in-house doctors so you know what treatment is suitable for you.



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