Ever since I was introduced to skinny jeans, it’s become a staple for me. Skinny plus stilettos make a very powerful combination. Wear them with even a plain t-shirt and see how it changes the way you feel -more empowered yet more girly.
Monochrome_InThesePants_MemoFashion_JackieGo_1I miss wearing skinny jeans! It’s been a while really. To celebrate, an #OOTD is in order. Heehee.


I like how it falls perfectly on the ankle, making it extra sexier.


If you want to go smart casual with jeans, go for a more structured top. It’ll surely make it more office appropriate or good enough to wear at an event in a hotel or somewhere that requires a dress code.


Skinny jeans that amps up my behind, aba naman, I’ll take 20! LOL


Skinny has a tendency to reveal and contour to one’s body. My issue has always been my legs. I feel they’re very muscular and not feminine at all. So I was very hesitant to go for it but then I realize, it’s really the best way to embrace yourself. My legs may not be soft but they’re strong and that’s better for me!


Still on a black and white high.


This boxy textured top makes it more interesting no?



I’ve been on the look out for this particular pair and I’m glad I was able to get this on my size. As usual, last pair na naman!


Spot my stretch marks! Until I have my abs, hanggang ganito na lang ang posing ko. Hihihi.

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