Sexy is a relative word. Most women shy away from describing themselves as one – myself included – because for them, being sexy entails having a good looking body with an attitude to boot. In this modern day and age, there’s so many things that we can attribute to being sexy -wit, charm, intelligence, confidence, kindness and strong to name a few. We’re just not very much sold to the idea that being sexy doesn’t always have something to do with one’s physical look. It’s time for us to change the way we think about what it is to be sexy.


I am not the most confident person out there, especially in the industry that I work in. I still feel a tad bit awkward when I’m in front of the camera but I can confidently say that through time, I’ve mustered enough courage to be comfortable in my own skin.

In this stage of my life, I can say that I feel the most sexiest. No, not because I’ve reached my ideal dress size but because I’ve finally attributed being sexy to something else, aside from the pressure to have a smoking’ hot great body. Finally, after 30 years I’ve come to realize this.


Clean is the new sexy.


Yes, being clean is the secret to being confident and when you’re confident, you harness that inner sexiness that you never thought you have. Ever notice how it makes a difference when you feel good about yourself because you think, act and feel clean? I know I do. So I’m sharing a few things that I do twice a week that has helped me feel like I’m a  superwoman who can conquer the world and do anything just because I’m confident enough to think so. 😉
CleanIsSexy_JackieGo_3I commit.

Want to be fit? Commit. Want to be healthy? Commit. Want to be beautiful? Commit.

Nothing is really impossible, when you think about the things you want to achieve. All you need to do is to commit. Commit to something that would bring about change and that would make you feel more confident.

I’ve shared my fitness journey and I’ve been open on how I’ve learned to love working out and taking care of myself. As I said on one of my posts, I workout because I like to eat. And this has motivated me to commit to doing regular workouts partnered by having healthy meals at least twice a week. Eventually, what started as a challenging thing to do became a habit I couldn’t seem to break. I’ve committed to this lifestyle because I want to take care of myself, not only for me but for the people around me. CleanIsSexy_JackieGo_6

I commit to see goodness & strive to find happiness even in moments and situations that make it difficult to do so. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest and a smile is the sexiest curve one can have.


I conquer.

I get by through a week prioritizing what is important and what makes me happy. The key to juggling is to balance. I’ve been asked more than a few times how I do it and I honestly think that I’m just good at winging it – day in and day out. But then I realize I don’t just wing it, I conquer it.

I divide and conquer. There are days that are meant for home making, motherhood, blogger, modelling and there are other days meant for the other hats I wear. Whatever role fills my days, I never forget to make time for myself.

 I conquer each aspect of my life and role that I portray because I make time for each one without compromising the time I need for myself. I allot an hour or even a few minutes, twice a week to do things that I really, really like doing. Whether it’s to binge watch my favorite shows, be lazy and cuddle with my kids, or read a book that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for weeks. Whatever it is that makes me feel good and lets me recharge and take a breather, I’ll conquer it.

I clean.

This has got to be one of the most proven ways that has lead me to be more confident each day.

 Clean home, clean diet, clean thoughts, clean skin, overall, clean lifestyle. Twice a week I make sure to clean our entire home – every nook and cranny (lucky for me, we have a tiny apartment); to eat clean -all thanks to my weekly happy healthy meals; to think clean – shrug off negativity and all that comes with it; and to take care of my body- exfoliate, be make up free, and be clean down there.

Yup, the last one is as discreet as girls describing themselves as beautiful or sexy. Admit it or not, feminine discomfort of irritation down there isn’t sexy at all. In fact, it makes us self-conscious, distracted and simply un-sexy. I know most, if not all women can relate to this, especially during our red days when we feel most vulnerable and really, really conscious about how we look and feel.

One thing that has helped me get through my red days is to use Betadine® Feminine Wash. It beats irritation and protects me from discomfort. Thankful that I can also use this even on a regular day, as recommended at least twice a week for that sexy, clean feeling.


 I finally found the confidence to go bare face and take it all off after a full day shooting, all because #IDoItTwiceAWeek with #BetadineFeminineWash

 Betadine® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5 antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. And because Betadine believes that every woman has the right to be sexy, Betadine® Feminine Wash pioneers the Sexy Clean Revolution. It’s a movement that encourages women to become their sexiest by staying clean down there, by applying Betadine® Feminine Wash twice a week.

Go ahead and join the #SexyCleanRevolution, because sexiness really comes from being confident and confidence comes from being clean. 😉

Photos by Louie Arcilla

Hair & Make Up by Eliza Santiago

Wearing Air Optix in Gray

Shot at Baron 3 Gardens



  1. Karen says

    Your bare face has got you looking like you’re 25-26! I’m a new reader and I was so shocked when I saw that last picture. You looked like you were glowing! I wish I’ll have that kind of skin when I’m 30.


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