I Am Fun, Fearless And Fair

Remember the news I said about a project I’m involved in? Well here it is!

Ladies, Beckies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say that I am part of the Fun, Fearless and Fair campaign of Nivea.

are you ready to be fun, fearless & fair?

Sorry, I didn’t have much BTS photos because we were too busy having fun!

fitting my outfitey for the shoot.

We each had to style ourselves for the project. I think it is the best way to express ourselves and our individuality. Sorry I didn’t have a decent outfitey shot but I’ll try to ask RJ for a copy of our shots. *waves at RJ Solis*

hair & make up done! 

lunch c/o Old Swiss Inn

with fashion bloggers Lissa Kahayon & Vern Enciso.

Vern, yours truly, Shen, Martha and Lissa. Alyssa was still shooting though.

Here’s my fun, fearless and fair video.

My very happy face.

I really do believe that motherhood & homemaking are roles wherein we ladies are on call 24/7. These are jobs that are tough and require patience, practice and prayers. I also believe that these roles shouldn’t hinder a woman’s desire to look good and feel good about herself. The secret to balancing career and taking care of one’s self if time management and of course finding the right product that suits you and your needs.

Check out http://apps.facebook.com/funfearlessfair/ and share your own fun, fear and fair statement.

That’s all!

Happy Monday Everyone!



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