How To Look Your Best In Photos

When The Soshal Network Girls asked me about some #OOTD tips, at first I thought they were joking. Totoo pala ‘coz they wrote a blog post

May sense naman yung post nila all the while being funny. I loved reading it! Those tips I gave were on top of my mind simply because I apply them whenever I take photos. To follow up on their post, I’m sharing more tips on how one can look at her best in photos. I won’t go too technical rather, just share what have worked for me over the years.

Angle your body


Quarter angle is the most flattering body position in which you can have your photo taken. Everybody looks good on this angle more than doing full-frontal (think passport ID). With one side of the body more prominent in the photo than the order, head tilted sideways. Also, don’t forget to move your head away from your neck to avoid double chin. It may feel awkward but once you see your photos, you’ll know how better looking it is.

Choose your best side 



Almost everyone I know has a best side. Mine would be my left so I always turn my face to the right. If you’re uncertain on what’s your best side, snap away using your camera phone–right side first then left and check out which one you prefer more. If you’re lucky, you won’t need to choose because you look good on both sides. 😉

Go for natural light



You don’t need to have a studio in order to produce great photos. Most of the time all you need is a nice back drop and lots of natural light. Natural light can bring out the best in you, literally–unless you’re a vampire and cannot be exposed to lights, teehee. So best to take advantage of the morning light for simple & clean portraits while the golden hour (after sunrise or before sunset) is best for more dramatic photos. It would also help if you have a white cartonlina or styrofoam which you can use to bounce the light back to you–giving you a more diffused and softer looking light.

Think happy thoughts


If you’re not used to being in front of the camera, one of the ways you can feel relaxed is by thinking of happy thoughts. If you tend to freeze while your photo is being taken, think of the camera lens as if it’s your friend or family. This will make looking at the camera lens directly more natural. Think of things that can make you smile unless you’re asked to look fierce in your photo, that’s a different story. 😉 Also, it’s okay to move your mouth–as if you’re stretching it or doing vocal exercise–in between takes. This will keep your jaw from locking and your lips can rest for a few seconds. I used to get the nerves whenever I’m in front of the camera (I sometimes still do!) but what I do is I ask the photographer to play catchy songs to get me into the groove. When there’s no music available I just come up with a playlist on my head and sing internally. 😀

Be confidently beautiful


The way you move and the way you project yourself in front of the camera really says a lot about how confident you are. So yes, whether you have it or not, confidence plays a vital role in having a good photo. To have a confidently beautiful heart is major, but to show you’re truly confident in front of the camera is something else! Heehee. If you’re taking a photo outside your home, best to tune out the people around you. This I still find hard to do, that’s why I always take my #OOTDs at home where I am most confident. 😉 Listen to confidence boosting songs before you snap away or chanel your favorite supermodel’s pose if it can help unleash the inner model in you. Think Coco Rocha or Kendall Jenner? 😉



Nobody wants to feel & look dirty right? Lakas maka-stress! One of the ways I stay confident is by being clean & germ-free. It’s a habit of mine to spray Biogenic alcohol (t’s non-drying and smells good) before doing anything else, and yes that includes taking photos. Often times, I ask a few different people to take my photos using my camera, I make sure I sanitize and clean it with Biogenic alcohol to keep germs at bay. After all, I oftentimes use my camera to take tons of photos of my kids. I’m confidently beautiful (with a heart, choz!) and germ-free with Biogenic whether on-camera or off-camera. 😉

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