Holy Week In Baguio

Sharing you photos from our quick Baguio getaway. It was hard to take pictures and at the same time enjoy the moment with Gabbie, being pregnant not to mention walking along a sea of people who were also on vacation. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a few photos for everyone’s delight.

The view from SM Baguio. Foggy.

Hello pine trees

Gloomy day


Giant egg!

Strawberry taho!

It's a must try if you're in Baguio

Burnham Park

Boat ride anyone?


Preacher in the park.

Stare down: Gabbie vs. the lion at The Manor.

Bunny World!

G & I

Easter bunnies!

Go family

Solibao: a restaurant across Burnham Park.

Tried their Ihaw-ihaw delight!

Yummy indeed!

My favorite sauce: soy/fish sauce w/ kalamansi & chili

Pancit Canton


Yay! :)

We weren’t able to take pictures at the Mines View Park because there were way too many people! We also didn’t let Gabbie ride a horse mainly because we know she’s afraid of the real thing and would rather enjoy looking at people riding. We weren’t able to explore the many ukay-ukay (thrift) stores along Session Road for I cannot walk much and that there’s difficulty in parking. Gabbie’s first time in Baguio was a memorable one despite not fully touring the city because we had fun enjoying the cool breeze, eating good food, appreciating the beautiful scenery and spending quality time with each other.

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