Got A Mess? Huggies Baby Wipes Got You Covered

When you have kids, it is inevitable not to have even a tiny circle of mess in your home. I’ve given up on the idea that my home will be completely mess-free like when my husband and I were still newly weds. Deadma na. As long as I have happy, healthy kids, I don’t mind a little bit of mess here and there.

One of the things that help me clean up the mess is Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes.


Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes provides the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency. Made from natural fibers, it provides a gentle and complete clean that ensures nothing that could cause skin irritation is left behind. 


Baby wipes cannot ever run out in our home. At first it was just my thing. You know because as a parent, it’s a cruicial product to lug around especially when we’re out and about. But the habit of wiping away the mess has rubbed off my children. They’ve requested for a pack of wipes inside their room and their bathroom.

I think it’s because they know I’ll call them out whenever they make a mess. Plus, according to them, they find it fun to wipe away the mess they made – sometimes, they make a mess out of the mess!


Just like any other kid, they like to do fun activities. Eh di ba, fun activities are usually prone to creating a mess? They love using their hands and they tend to unconsciously switch from one activity to another without cleaning them. When there’s no chance of washing their hands, I rely on wiping their hands using Huggies Baby Wipes sprayed with ethyl alcohol.


Juro is very fond of biting his nails. We’re still trying to wean him out of it so we really make sure that he’s covered. Alcohol and Huggies Baby Wipes are always in his school bag and available within his reach (at home in the places I mentioned and inside his diaper bag whenever we’re out). Whenever there’s an opportunity for us to wipe his hands clean, we take it!


And lets’ not get started on how cute yet messy children eat by themselves.

It’s automatic of us to bring out Huggies Baby Wipes whenever it’s “eating time” for my kids…


…because they’re most likely to make a mess.

See what I mean? 😀HuggiesGentleCareBabyWipes_JackieGo_7

On another note, we like painting using our fingers. It is one of the things my kids are crazy about…HuggiesGentleCareBabyWipes_JackieGo_6

…especially when I’m not looking. She’s a beautiful mess isn’t she? Hihi.

Thankfully, there’s Huggies Baby Wipes to help us clean ourselves and the parts of our house that we’ve splattered paint on. 😀


Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to naturally condition and care for your lil’ one’s skin. Plus, it’s clinically tested safe for baby’s skin!

My kids love it because according to them, it feels like their towel – soft and gentle on their skin. And it doesn’t have any strong smell which sometimes causes them allergic rhinitis. Thank you #HuggiesBabyWipes for encouraging my kids to clean up after themselves and to be a little bit mess-free from time to time. You truly provide gentle care with every wipe! #BestCareForBaby


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