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Dining out has been our frequent option especially when I haven’t done the grocery. But traffic and the number of people doing the same on a Friday night or during weekends aren’t really the best way to entice us to dine away from home. Our next best option? Have food delivered to us. TwoAnyOne, powered by Quick Delivery is a no fuss delivery service that can fix your cravings as they offer delivery (drive-thru and catering services) from best of class restaurants, specialty food stores and wine establishments. With over 250 brands spread across over 500 locations, you’re sure to get your cravings satisfied with TwoAnyOne delivery.

How to get started? Easy peasy.


Simply go to http://quickdelivery.ph and create your account.

TwoAnyoneIt will prompt you to choose between Manila/Nuvali or Cebu area. Afterwards, you must fill out the basic information needed (name, contact info, and area/address) to get you started.

TwoAnyone1Once you do, choose a restaurant on the list provided. The restaurants have been weeded out based on  where you want your food delivered (home, office, a friend’s house, etc.). After choosing a restaurant, click on the food items and add them to your cart.

Once you’re done ordering, a TwoAnyOne agent will call you to confirm your order.


You can also track your order from your account page. From the time the order is received, to food preparation and transportation, TwoAnyOne lets you in the loop when it comes to the progress of your order.

It’s better to place your order online rather than via phone call. I’ve actually tried both but I find it way more convenient when you order online because you can immediately start choosing the food from your preferred restaurant’s extensive menu. Also, it will save you time as calling to order prompts a TwoAnyOne agent to call you back especially if they have a high volume of orders to attend to. The time waiting for the TwoAnyOne agent to call you back could’ve been the time for you to choose the food you want, so that it could be processed immediately. Order at least an hour ahead of time. Say, if you want your order to arrive at 12:30 in the afternoon, place your order at 11:30 in the morning.

I first ordered via TwoAnyOne during a shoot. I was in a studio so when I had created my account, the delivery address was that of the studio’s. This was my second time using TwoAnyOne, all I had to do was add another address (my own) and delete the previous one (the studio’s). After an hour, my order arrived.

It was definitely a TGIF with TGI Fridays! :)

TwoAnyone3I love that it was nicely packed in plastic containers and is presented as is- plastic containers skilfully  stacked inside these paper bags. No sauce spills, no proof that the package was mishandled.

I took the photos of the food the moment I got them out of the bag. Look at how presentable and aptly intact the food, for me presentation is still a big factor.

2121212Citrus Shrimp Summer Salad

TwoAnyone5Garlic Chicken Primavera

TwoAnyone6Fish & Chips

TwoAnyone7Jack Daniel’s Salmon Lunch

TwoAnyone8Jack Daniel’s Pork Belly

A delivery charge of 10% from the total bill is added plus special fees such as food container may also be included. But when I first ordered, I didn’t get any special fees as the food was efficiently wrapped in aluminium foil housed inside a styrofoam food container.

Did I like the deliver service? Yes! Was it efficient? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes! Would I recommend it to you my readers? Definitely!

As a matter of fact, TwoAnyOne’s website is now bookmarked on my web browser. A quick way to satisfy my family’s cravings without all the hassle. Lavett! And because our friends from TwoAnyOne wants one of my readers to experience and try their services, they’re hosting a giveaway here on the blog. Yaaaaaay! Yes, hindi to April Fool’s Day joke, this really is happening people!!! :D

One lucky reader of mine will win Php 3,000 worth of gift certificates from TwoAnyOne. How to join? Sooooe easy, mas mahirap pa mag park sa mall during a three-day sale! Heehee. Just follow the mechanics via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway will run from April 1,2014 to April 30, 2014. This is open to anyone who has a valid Philippine address that TwoAnyOne can deliver to. To know if your area is covered by TwoAnyOne check it at http://quickdelivery.ph/index.php/view-menus/manila.html

Winner will be drawn via Rafflecopter so be sure that you follow all the mandatory options, failure to do so will make your entry invalid.

TwoAnyOne will send the electronic GCs in increments of Php 1,000 to the winner via his or her email so be sure to have a valid email address and include them in the comment you’ll leave on this post.

That’s it pancit! Good luck to everyone joining! ;)

TwoAnyOne powered by Quick Delivery

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  1. Ohms Emocling says

    I also love TGIF Menus! And this 3k GC is perfect for the whole family. I will choose Barrio Fiesta / Buffalo Wings for the sake of love to my daughter who really loves Filipino dish especially when it fish and chicken. The two resto are perfect for my family salo-salo.
    Ohms Emocling

  2. debbie de dios says

    name:debbie jane de dios
    email address: angelamadlyinlove@yahoo.com
    i would always love the TGIF fridays but since its not available in my place i would go to blackbeards seafood island in SM marikina branch. I would surely enjoy devouring their seafood cuisine hahahaha.

  3. jenny cristobal says

    Leave your name and email address plus your answer to this question: If you were to win the Php 3,000 GCs from TwoAnyOne, what restaurant would you order from?

    Jenelyn Cristobal
    I will order at Fatboy’s because I love their Creamy carbonara and Bacon and beef Pizza and meat love! yum!

  4. Grace-Ubanos Mondejar says

    Hi Jackie,
    Grace Ubanos-Mondejar

    If I were to win the Php 3,000 GCs from TwoAnyOne, I will go and eat at Kamayan Restaurant with my family, a treat for my mother on mother’s day thanks. More Power!!! Godbless…

  5. Anne Christiane says

    Hello Jackie!

    When I win the P3,000 GC, I would use it to buy at Banapple ATC! We used to go here often with my officemates but now with work (getting in the way :p), we have to content ourselves with super fast food like Mcdo and Jollibee (not complaining though). Using the TwoAnyOne delivery would be a really great idea since we don’t have to worry about getting back on time at the office, will leave more time to catch up and talk with ze officemates.

    Anne Christiane R. Ronidel

  6. Jhay Ramones says

    Name: Rhozallino Ramones
    email address: senomarj@gmail.com
    you were to win the Php 3,000 GCs from TwoAnyOne, what restaurant would
    you order from?
    I order from Bacolod Chicken Inasal because i love their chicken inasal! :)

  7. Ria Ramirez says

    ria ramirez
    If you were to win the Php 3,000 GCs from TwoAnyOne, what restaurant would you order from? Buffalos Wings & Things

  8. Aileen Acot says

    Aileen Acot


    Restaurant: If I were the winner of Php 3,000 GCs from TwoAnyOne, I want to order from Italianni’s – Lucky Chinatown Mall Salmon shrimp and calamari sauteed in white wine and simmered in their seafood flavored Arborio rice. Yummy!

  9. Mona Tumbaga-Verdida says

    Mona Liza T. Verdida

    If I were to win the 3,000 GC’s, I would order sisig rice from Cable Car, chewy desserts from Chewy Junior, Devil’s cake from Cravings, and a pizza from Don Henrico’s!!! Since it’s going to be my birthday next month, that’s my plan if I were to win the prize.

    • jackiego says

      Hi Mona! Congratulations on winning my giveaway! Someone from TwoAnyOne will email you regarding your GCs. Congratulations again! :)

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