Fun Doesn’t Have To Stop When It Rains

Sometimes planning a day for my kids can be challenging especially with the unpredictable weather but that doesn’t mean having fun stops when it rains. So I asked my lil’ Mr. JG the things he likes to do when he can’t bask in the sun.



Writing and doodling is always a fun idea! Surprisingly Juro likes answering worksheets and practicing writing. There are days that he prefers to just sit, doodle and draw with the use of paint, crayons, or markers–whatever medium it is as long as there’s enough paper to write on. Not only is this a simple & fun way to let your child entertain himself, it also lets his mind be attentive and at the same time unleashes his.



One of my lil’ Mr. JG’s favorite activities is pretend play. He has a bunch of character masks and toys that he would play with almost every day. I find it fascinating how he can come up with a story of his own. How he tries to change the way he speaks and even the sound of his voice just to match a particular character. Pretend play is a good way to enhance your child’s learning experience–he learns how to put himself in another person’s shoe, it unleashes his imagination and develops his language. I let him be in control whenever he wants to pretend play, this way not only is he having fun, he also develops self-esteem which is crucial in uncovering his personality.



My son likes using his hands to create something. At a young age he has displayed good dexterity and finds it really fun to build something out of nothing. It can be as simple as folding paper and holding clays, to stacking up blocks or putting together pieces to come up with a building or a car. This activity has developed my son’s fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Not only is this activity fun it also stimulates your child’s logical thinking skills which is crucial in his intellectual development.



Sometimes, food is the way to go. Whenever I ask my kids what they want to do, preparing food always comes up. When I get requests from them, I let them help in the kitchen or at the very least let my 4 year old son prepare his own food. It doesn’t have to be complicated. He can help mix the pancake batter or slather butter and jam on his bread. This activity lets my child have a sense of independence and we all know how kids find it exciting to be able to do thing by themselves.



Sometimes when we get a pocket of sunshine, my kids would insist on hanging out with their friends. So we schedule playdates. Whether they choose to swim, run, bike or just walk around, being with their friends is one of the simplest way for them to have fun. It can definitely hone your child’s social skills. To interact with a set of friends close to your child’s age can help him develop his traits–encourage compassion, team work, respect, and even problem solving.

Shortly after taking this photo rain poured on us so we headed back to our friend’s house a bit soaked! Normally I would freak out and panic but ever since I switched lil’ Mr. JG to Nido 3+ I find myself confident that my child is protected.

Nido 3+ is the only milk that has Lactobacillus Protectus®–millions of live good bacteria that helps build my child’s bodily defences–making his immune system tougher. It also has Prebio® 3, a unique prebiotic fiber that serves as the food of the good bacteria in my child’s tummy.  Lactobacillus Protectus® and Prebio®3 is a powerful combination found only in Nido 3+ that helps make my strong from within so he stays healthy. It also has DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine which all play an important role in lil’ Mr. JG’s brain structure development. Aside from these benefits, Nido 3+ is also an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, C, D, E and Zinc. All these are essential to keep my active lil’ Mr. JG healthy & protected from within.


Now that he’s four he’s been more active than ever. One more year and he graduates from Nido 3+ to Nido 5+. Nido 5+ is basically the same as Nido 3+ except that it has Calci-N® that helps build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.


I’m glad we switched lil’ Mr. JG to Nido 3+ because now more than ever, I’m assured that he is protected from within. It also helps that I check the label–it’s important so I know if the product’s nutrients is apt for my child. I am confident that giving him the best will give him the right protection he needs to be healthier. And a healthy child for me is definitely a happy child. Truly, pag Laking Nido, Protektado.  


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