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Includes product parades as well as showcasing services of different brands.

Take Selfies To A Whole New Level With Lenovo S850


Selfie- this was the Word of the Year for 2013. Everyone who is smartphone savvy and/or a netizen has been acquainted with this word and has even done their own selfie once (or more) in their lives. Speaking of selfie, I myself have my fair share of selfies that I post on my social media sites. Honestly, I don't think I can ever take a selfie without being made up, a bit of touch up or filter. My nasty break outs are too gross to even be hinted on my photo nor do I feel comfortable showing off ... [ Read More ]

Frizzy Hair No More With Vitress


Despite our hair being our crowning glory, I am one of the many women who find styling them every day tedious and well, time consuming. So for someone like me who wears her hair long, I barely give much importance to how it looks. So much so that Mr. GJG would always comment that I should just tie my hair up because he finds it chaotically frizzy. If you like your hair then you should've put a serum on it. Yes, Beyonce level? Why not! My husband and any other person who touches my hair (hair ... [ Read More ]

Pregnancy Arsenal: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula


Expecatant motherbelles, newlyweds who are eagerly anticipating getting pregnant, and even mothers of one, two, or more kids, let me share one of the best products you should have, (if you haven't tried them yet) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. Even before I was pregnant with lil' Ms. GJG, I prepped myself early on because I have a few stretch marks to begin with. I figured my skin isn't as elastic so I better hydrate it even before it started to stretch. I know it may sound too OC but believe ... [ Read More ]

Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream + Shut Up And Kiss Me Lippies


I've been hearing a lot of good reviews and raves about the novice brand, Happy Skin from fellow bloggers as well as from friends and family. My cousin even raved about how nice Don't Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation is, which got me even more curious about Happy Skin. Don't be too quick to judge this local brand, barely one year in the beauty industry and they already sold over 7,500 tubes of one of their best sellers, Happy Skin Second Skin (SS) Cream Silicone Free ... [ Read More ]

Sleek & Stylish: Asus Zenfone 4 And 5


I'm not really a techie person. I admit, most of my gadgets I haven't fully utilize their potential. I only learned how to screen cap on my laptop months after I purchased it. Now don't get me started on those shortcuts, as I still haven't memorized each function + key. As for my camera, despite having programs suitable for different shooting modes, I still use auto mode, with or without flash. That's it. I guess I'm not really techie and I like it basic when it comes to my gadgets. I feel like ... [ Read More ]