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Includes product parades as well as showcasing services of different brands.

A Pretty Way To Organize: AdoraBella


Women can never have too many organizers. May it be for the home, office or personal things, we love anything that can help us contain our clutter knick knacks. Sometimes the things that irk us are those that are manageable such as tangled cords, disheveled shoes, and all those littered bitty things that we don't know where to put. If only you can fill your home with plastic organizers in different shapes and sizes, but that would lead to a storage-like appeal of your home. If you're into ... [ Read More ]

Burt’s Bees Is Now Available At Sample Room


 Over the weekend, I received in the mail a lovely package from Sample Room. The good news is, one of my favorite brands is now Sample Room's brand partner. Hoooraaaay! Notice anything new from Sample Room? That's right! They have a new packaging. Look at that dainty water color illustration by Arlene Sy. What a perfect way to launch this sweet collaboration as Sample Room introduces their newest brand partner- Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees is a brand that offers natural products that are earth ... [ Read More ]

Go Try: First Post Of The Many Round Ups To Come


Here's another round up of the things I've discovered for the past month. I'll be doing this more frequently now as I have a lot of products to share but don't have sufficient time to sit down and blog about them elaborately and one by one. Nonetheless, my round ups would mean that these are products I know you'd be interested in, as much as I am. ;) Now the tricky part is, what to name my round up posts aside from Round Up? Should I sort them by category? Should I enumerate them? Round Up 1, 2, ... [ Read More ]

To Be Fairest Of Them All With Skin White Power Whitening Lotion


"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Being fair has always been associated with being beautiful. Growing up, I always felt awkward because I'm always darker than the rest of my friends and classmates, but looking back at my old photos, I realize I was once the fairest of them all. Well, at least between my sisters and I.  To prove it to you, here's a photo of me when I was a baby. This is my fluffiest and whitest white ever! Matchy-matchy with my bunny. My two sisters ... [ Read More ]

Apple Leather Cleaners From Bubbletoes Bags


For those of you ladies and gents who love leather and have invested on designer bags, how do you take care of them? Since I'm quite a newbie when it comes to investing on high quality pieces, particularly leather goods and the like, it was only recent that I became obsessed in finding the right tools to help me take care them. After asking a handful of bag hags, Ingrid of The Bag Hag Diaries included, I am a fairly convinced that Apple Brand is one of the brands that is perfect for most luxury ... [ Read More ]