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Includes product parades as well as showcasing services of different brands.

New Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo


The thing about applying topical products is the uncertainty that it can be absorbed by your skin effectively. This I've come to realize ever since I started my commitment to take care of my skin. Out of all the products available in the market, how would you know which one to try and how would you know which one will work? These has been my questions when I first started on my skin care regimen. As a woman who's about to enter her 30s (I'm still in denial about this), investing on skin care is ... [ Read More ]

Review: Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks


I find myself refraining from applying lipstick during this hot, humid weather we call summer. The heavy coverage keeps me from loving it as much as I usually do but honestly, I cannot live without wearing one. So obviously, tiis-ganda na lang ako. Heehee. Luckily, I received these Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks a few weeks ago and I must say, it's one of my favorite every day lipsticks to date. Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick offers a wax-free high-definition gel technology and delivers true color ... [ Read More ]

Babiators: Sunglasses For Kids


Is it just my children or do your children like borrowing your sunglasses as well? During one of our road trips, the lil' GJGs asked Mr. GJG & I if they can borrow our sunglasses because according to them "It's super sunny outside mom!". They do have their own pair of sunglasses & I actually cannot remember how many pairs I've already got them. Why? Because it doesn't last long. They always unintentionally break it even before they get the chance to actually wear it outside. I ... [ Read More ]

wANNEderarms With Belo Beauty Duo


While I do like getting my tan on, one thing I dislike about it is my underarms become darker than any other part of my body. I do believe I'm not the only one who suffer from a not-so-pretty underarms. Aminin! It's one of my insecurities and ever since I started grooming my pits, I've always had this issue. Our underarms are sensitive and taking good care of it is something that every woman should consider. One of the celebrities that I know who have super nice underarms is the Annekabogable ... [ Read More ]

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


I received a package from New York. It's pink & green and it's from Maybelline! I grew up with Maybelline and I remember, it was one of the few make up brands that I owned. So receiving this package brought back so many memories especially the time when I was starting as a TV commercial model. This #EyeLoveMNY luggage is one of the cutest packages I've ever received. Immediately, even before knowing what's the content, I was reminded of one of Maybelline's iconic products, the Maybelline ... [ Read More ]