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One of the things that concerns parents especially first time parents is SIDS. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death is frightening as it is a diagnosis that can hit any infant between 1 month to 1 year old. It's a scary reality as  approximately 2,300 infants die from SIDS in the United States each year. SIDS most commonly affects babies between the ages of 1 and 4 months; 90 percent of cases involve infants younger than 6 months.- source. SIDS also has a number of incidents here in the Philippines so ... [ Read More ]

BPI Cardholders Get Up To 20% Off From POBox.PH


I 've confessed many times over why I love online shopping- its hassle-free and so convenient! Most, if not all, of the items I purchase online aren't readily available in malls or retail stores and scoring these unique items definitely makes online shopping fun and addicting. When it comes to shopping outside the Philippines, I always ask my friends if they can buy for me, as for shopping online internationally, I ask my cousin or friends to consolidate the items for me so they can include it ... [ Read More ]

Let’s Embrace The Sun With NIVEA Sun


Summer time is my favorite season! The beach, the sand, and of course the sun, I warmly welcome! I'm a sun worshipper and I always try to get a tan every chance I get. So I'm pretty stoked that we were able to go to the beach twice already this year and hopefully, two more trips before the 2014 ends. It's always a must to gear up on your summer essentials, whether you're going to do the beach or planning on a staycation in the metro. Make sure to pack up products that will protect your skin ... [ Read More ]

Promil Paint Like Hamzah


Gabbie's current milk is Promil Pre-School. So we were excited to learn that Promil Pre-School has a pack that has a limited edition canvas bags inspired by Hamzah Marbella's artworks and art materials. Who is Hamzah Marbella? He is the youngest member of the Artists Association of the Philippines and was recently named Promil Pre-School's Outstanding hold Artist. His interest in art started at the tender age of 2 years old. His parents noticed how he watches his dad (an artist himself) paint ... [ Read More ]