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Nike Digital Conference

Just Do It

Women today are versatile and like immersing themselves to various challenges that can empower them to be stronger, if not better. Nike believes that women prefer doing different workouts. During the Nike Digital Conference that happened last March 10, 2015, Nike shared with us some of their latest designs, newest products and we even got a taste of the N+TC workout headed by SEA NTC Master Trainer Emelda Vincent. The digital conference was hosted by Kim Jones. With her is Nike Southeast Asia ... [ Read More ]

Review: New Belo Intensive Whitening Line


Remember my review on Belo Intesive Whitening Bar? A few have asked what lotion I used with it, I told them just my regular non-whitening lotion. Still, some asked if they can use other whitening lotion along with Belo Intensive Whitening Bar and the truth is, I wasn't able to answer them because I am not knowledgeable enough to know. But here's the good news, ladies and gents, you need not to wonder anymore because Belo Essentials recently launched two other products under the Belo Kojic Acid ... [ Read More ]

Hair & Nail Makeover At Creations By Lourd Ramos, Greenfield District


I was in dire need of retouching my hair as my roots were already showing. The timing was just perfect as Tenylle of New Summit Colors Distribution Inc., the official distributor of Cynos Inside Hair Care & CND Shellac™, has been wanting me to try their Cynos hair color called Glamer. Given I've already tried Cynos Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner and oil, I didn't hesitate to try Cynos Glamer. So last week, I visited one of their salon partners, Creations by Lourd Ramos Greenfield District ... [ Read More ]

Review: MiPow Power Tube 5200


One of the things I cannot leave the house without aside from my keys, wallet, phone, wipes, alcohol, chocolates, toiletries (hmmmm, maybe I should write a separate post for this) is my mobile phone's power bank. If you're fully utilizing the capacity of your smart phone, the battery doesn't last all day, especially if you're using your mobile's data connection. I've had my fair share of power banks, mostly were given to me and most of them  are good for only one charge cycle. So when I got a ... [ Read More ]

Review: Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel


One of the things that I'm not particular with is cleanser. For me, they're almost all the same save for the effect on my dry skin. If it doesn't dry my skin, then I'm good. But one thing I do notice with cleansers is that not all can really thoroughly clean without drying my skin. While I am not picky with it, I do have my favourites. I've only encountered one gel cleanser and it was a bit pricey. So when Pond's launched their Pearl Cleansing Gel, I was elated. Finally, a gel cleanser that ... [ Read More ]