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Includes product parades as well as showcasing services of different brands.

Skinlux Aesthetic Center, Promenade Greenhills


With the holiday madness slowly creeping in on me, sometimes I just feel like hibernating. The holidays can be stressful. I get so overwhelmed with all the things I need to finish so I can fully enjoy my time with my family. What's a girl to do in stressful times? Go for a quick me time of course. So off I went to Skinlux Aesthetic Center. SkinLux Aesthetic Center provides a first class spa experience combined with beauty enhancing cosmetic procedures like laser treatments, peels and skin ... [ Read More ]

Review: Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner


Last minute Christmas shopping, parties here and there, topped off with work and family, December is really a busy month. With all these things we need to do, looking great can be quite a challenge. We need beauty products that can take us from day to night without doing frequent touch ups as each minute matters, especially during the holiday rush. So I'm doing a quick, no-fuss review on Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner. I'm an eyeliner kind of girl and it's one my basic make up must haves. ... [ Read More ]

Go Walk With Skechers


Incorporating fitness into my life was an easy decision yet a tricky thing to do. After much decoding, I narrowed it down to three things which got me started on working out. As I said in the post, sometimes a little motivation goes a long way. Two of the motivations that keep me going is knowing all the hard work of trying to be fit will eventually pay off, especially when I'm older. And as shallow as it sounds, having the right workout gear is enough reason to drag my lazy self to the gym. ... [ Read More ]

What You Need To Know About Your Intimate Area


I never really understood what "sticky and yucky feeling" down there meant until I underwent puberty. Growing up, I didn't have any horrible experiences (or maybe I have chosen to do selective memory when it to comes to this?) blossoming into a young lady. Over a period of time, I learned that monthly periods and being active, sweaty and sporty at the same time, isn't a good combination at all. Eventually, I learned that I was experiencing that "sticky and yucky" feeling down there. Soon, I was ... [ Read More ]

Unboxing Jane Iredale Starter Kit


So happy to know that mineral makeup pioneer Jane Iredale is now available here in Manila. If you're like me who couldn't really tell the difference between one mineral make up brand from another, don't fret. Jane Iredale gives us the new starter kit from her namesake brand- THE SKINCARE MAKEUP® Her makeup line Jane Iredale is backed up by 20 years of experience in creating quality products that adhere to the highest standard of integrity. In 1994, Jane launched her mineral foundation Amazing ... [ Read More ]