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Includes product parades as well as showcasing services of different brands.

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


I received a package from New York. It's pink & green and it's from Maybelline! I grew up with Maybelline and I remember, it was one of the few make up brands that I owned. So receiving this package brought back so many memories especially the time when I was starting as a TV commercial model. This #EyeLoveMNY luggage is one of the cutest packages I've ever received. Immediately, even before knowing what's the content, I was reminded of one of Maybelline's iconic products, the Maybelline ... [ Read More ]

Wanderskye Luggage Covers


Summer is definitely the travel season especially for us who live in Manila. It's either we go explore the beautiful beaches that surrounds us or we go somewhere cold to escape the summer heat. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an occasional traveler, don't you find spotting for you luggage in the luggage belt a tedious task? I get dizzy because we own the very generic black luggage. What we usually do is tie a bright colored ribbon on it so it's easy to spot if it's ours or not. But why ... [ Read More ]

Review: Etude House Sugar Tint Balm


I find myself loving lip balms lately. I guess it's the hot, humid summer weather we're experiencing here in Manila that prompts me to trade my lipstick for balm on an ordinary day (read: laundry day, errand day, mom duties kinda day). Hihihi. Here's my latest discovery from Etude House, the Sugar Tint Balm. Sugar Tint Balm 4g at P498. Etude House Sugar Tint Balm comes in its usual cute box. There are eight shades to choose from: #01 PKK001 Strawberry Milk #02 RD301 Cranberry ... [ Read More ]

#MoistureThatLasts With New Olay Body Wash Moisture Outlast Collection


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, air conditioner is one of the culprits of having dry skin. I admit I didn't really consider it as a factor to my dry skin. But I did notice that summer time is really the time when my skin is twice as dry. Now that I've learned about how summer heat and air conditioner can dry my skin, I've made more effort to moisturise. My skin is moisturized even before I apply lotion, thanks to the New Olay Body Wash Moisture Outlast. It has been helping me ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway: Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Water Treatment


I know not all women exfoliate. I myself am a late bloomer in this field of beauty. So for those who aren't familiar but want to start on their exfoliating journey, ever considered trying Cure Natural Aqua Gel? It's Japan's no. 1 exfoliator and has been available here in the Philippines for a few years now. It's mild and gentle because it's made of 90% water. You can read about my review about Cure Natural Aqua Gel HERE. Cure Natural Aqua gel is at P1,500 a bottle & can last for three to ... [ Read More ]