French Chic


  Remember the feature category on this blog called The Go Woman? Since most of the women I want to feature are busy being a mom, homemaker and a career woman, it's a bit of a challenge to do an interview with them. Now I'm thinking of taking OOTDs of women I know instead of the usual interview like the previous one I did. It's easier plus it's more fun don't you think? :) For my first Go Woman OOTD,I'm featuring a woman of style. It's so apt that she's my first feature for she's live up ... [ Read More ]

Poser Alert! Cindy Tong & Sorina Vanessa Markova


The Internet can really make life easier noh? Almost everything now is instant. Information in particular. But sometimes, the Internet is also being used to deceive people, to scam and to hurt them. This is a harsh reality that many of us don't really know or at least don't entertain the idea. Sadly, I am one of the victims of people using my photos and pretending to be someone else, using also a different name. I've been alerted many times by my friends about it. Thankfully, they've already ... [ Read More ]

The Go Woman: Rossel Taberna


It's the last day of January. Whaaat? I think 2013 is in a hurry just like 2012! I don't like. Heehee Anyway, as promised I'm featuring one Go Woman every month and our first Go Woman is my good friend and mompreneur Rossel Taberna. I've given you all a little background of our friendship as seen here. So without further adieu, here's her Go Woman feature exclusively for Go! Jackie Go.   Hi! For the record, please tell us a lil' something about yourself and what keeps you occupied?    I’m ... [ Read More ]

The Go Woman


Hello, hello! I'm adding a new segment on my blog called The Go Woman. It's a new category that will feature women that I know who exude qualities that basically says "I'M EVERY WOMAN" and "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE". Yes I just quoted from two women empowering songs heehee. These women need not to have their plates full as The Go Woman exudes confidence and inspires other women just by being who they are. Each woman that I'll be featuring will be asked for a sneak peek about their life (lakas ... [ Read More ]