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Mostly emotional posts about the GJG family, parenting tips, domestic diva drive and harnessing being a homemaker and hands-on momma.

Of Milestones and Modelling


The first official walk on the runway for my lil' GJGs was during Expo Mom 2014. Lil' Mr. GJG was almost two years old then and technically, it's lil' Ms. GJG's second walk. It was fun and memorable for us as it was the first time we walked together.  This year, they were again invited to walk the runway by Rustan's Department Store. This time around, they have to walk with each other, without me. I didn't commit right away because I wasn't sure if my kids would want to do it without me or would ... [ Read More ]

Makati Shang Easter In The City


 Over the weekend, the GJGs went on a lovely staycation at Makati Shangri-La. We love doing staycations because it's a breath of fresh air from our usual & daily routine. It's the lil' GJGs who are really looking forward to doing staycations. My lil' Ms. GJG even has her opinion of the hotel we stay in. Usually, she would quip about how nice the pool is or how pretty the room is. Next thing I know, she'll be in charge of doing accommodations review here on the blog. For now, let me share ... [ Read More ]

1, 2, 3, 4, She’s 5!


I can still vividly remember what it was like five years ago. The nesting phase when all I can think about is seeing her for the first time. The waiting, the anticipating and the excitement build up like I'm a soda can ready to pop. I know moms can relate to me, but for those who are still single, imagine a feeling of anticipation whenever you're about to experience something new for the first time. Your first day in your new job or first day of school. It's also similar to traveling to a ... [ Read More ]

On Being A Cool Tita


Before I became a mom, I was first a Tita (aunt) to my nieces. I admit I miss being with them everyday. We only see each other once in a while because, well, everyday life (school & work) gets in the way. Thankfully, this isn't the case for my lil' Ms. and lil' Mr. GJG. So glad that they have a cool Tita Kim to hang around with & be there for them.  Here's lil' Ms. GJG about eight months old with her favorite Tita. Lil' Ms. GJG takes after her Tita Kim. They look alike & have ... [ Read More ]

Up In Baguio For The Holidays

Baguio 2014_4

The holidays may be over, but for us it isn't until Chinese New Year comes. While browsing through hundreds of photos we have accumulated over the merriest time of the year, I couldn't help but smile as I look at the album of our quick getaway the day after Christmas. We went to Baguio for three days to enjoy the cold weather and just relax and have fun with our extended family. We left five 'o clock in the morning as Mr. GJG, the official driver wanted to be there early so not to waste a day ... [ Read More ]