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Mostly emotional posts about the GJG family, parenting tips, domestic diva drive and harnessing being a homemaker and hands-on momma.

Back-To-School Shopping And Style Tips

BackToSchool Shopping & StyleTips

This school year, Gabbie's in big school na and we're all excited to take this journey along with her. As easy it was for us to send our lil' Ms. GJG to preschool, I find it difficult to do so this time around, given we now have a more structured school setting and a larger community wherein we need to conform. One of the things I haven't gotten used to is lil' Ms. GJG wearing a uniform. From the two years she was in preschool, she had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted and we didn't do any ... [ Read More ]

What An Eye Opening Incident

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Last month, lil' Ms. GJG was confined for almost a week in the hospital for an eye infection. What started as what seemed like a scratch mark on her right eye became swollen in just two days. The diagnosis: it was a bad case of sty. Which was weird because I had the same sty experience. Later on we learned that my kids, myself included, have bad skin reaction to insect bites and some products that have strong ingredients. Anyway, here are some photos from the incident that happened to my lil' ... [ Read More ]

A Hybrid Dad That Is Mr. GJG


It's Father's Day! Got anything special planned for the Dads in your life? Yes, dads. Dad, dad-in-law, father of your children and all the father figures in your life. Me? As always, I dedicate a post for Mr. GJG and the dads in my life. You can read about my previous yearly Father's Day posts HERE. This year, I was inspired to honor the things Dads do that we don't often see in pop culture as enumerated at Most of the 19 things dads do were done by my very own baby ... [ Read More ]

Better Me: Three Tips On Keeping The Home Full Of Love


One of the perks of blogging and being a SoMom is that I get to attend Better Me sessions facilitated by no less than Coach Pia of The One Core Group. Last month, we had another #BetterMe session that focused on keeping the home full of love. This was very timely as school for lil' Ms. GJG started this week! As much as I want to cradle her in my arms until she's old enough to decide for herself, (say 28 years old? Heehee) I know at some point I'd have to loosen up that tight grip as she'll be ... [ Read More ]

Reflect, Relax, Rest


I know I posted on my Instagram yesterday my last blog post for the week, this is in observance of Holy Week. This was okay with me as I was drawing blanks and have not had ample time to sit down and really write. But then again I got inspired by Chinie of Fab After 40 about how one should write everyday, because writing begets writing begets writing. Truly after thinking about it, it does make sense. My blogging mojo has been missing and I think the long weekend has something to do with it. ... [ Read More ]