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For someone who's online 24/7, I have not used the word sepanx until recently. Sepanx reminds me so much of Spanx kasi. Heehee. I don't even know what it means 'til I Google'd it. SEPANX= SEPERATION ANXIETY Yun pala yon! I never felt SEPANX until a few days ago when it all sinked in that I no longer have a baby in the house. My kids, particularly lil' Ms. GJG likes school. She said school is fun because of her friends and teachers. Good for her. I guess she got this from me. I like school too ... [ Read More ]

HP Deskjet 4515 Review + Giveaway


Don't you just love all-in-one products? Doesn't it make our lives so much easier? Gone are the days when you have to go to a photocopy centre to have documents copied or have a scanner to email a soft copy of a document. With HP Deskjet 4515, you can scan, copy, and print wirelessly. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4515 is at P6,990. It lets you print WIRELESSLY & affordably whenever you need it. It's the perfect printer to have in your household so you can give your child the Ink ... [ Read More ]

Of Tantrums And Traumas


Yesterday, we celebrated Father's Day as a family. We had our usual church-lunch-play/naptime-dinner and in between these family activities, one thing wasn't usual- tantrum. For the first time (in forever) my lil' Ms. GJG had an overwhelming feeling of emotional distress switched right on after a moment of realizing she couldn't get what she wants. What she wants was to play at Gymboree after having dinner. Despite riding the kiddie train thrice she still wanted to play. Why? Because she ... [ Read More ]

Know Your Circle Of Trust In School


School has started for my lil’ GJGs and I’m proud to say my kids didn’t have a hard time transitioning from home based learning to school setting- save for a few crying episodes by lil' Mr. GJG, because they're excited to be in a different environment and meet new people. It was actually me who finds it hard to adjust now that both of them are officially no longer my babies. Now that our home is not the only place they learn and immerse themselves, I make sure that I am with them every step of ... [ Read More ]

Tamang Lusog Tip: Baby Led Weaning


Are you one of the moms who anticipate the idea of child-feeding to be challenging? Are you one of the moms who find it challenging to feed your kids? Holding the spoon for quite a while, only to find out that your child wouldn't even open his mouth to feed. Eeeep, I was once this momma! If you are like me, here's a tamang lusog tip: go for baby led weaning. Baby led weaning is the process of letting your child feed themselves from the start of weaning. You see, lil' Mr. GJG loves drinking milk ... [ Read More ]