Reflect, Relax, Rest


I know I posted on my Instagram yesterday my last blog post for the week, this is in observance of Holy Week. This was okay with me as I was drawing blanks and have not had ample time to sit down and really write. But then again I got inspired by Chinie of Fab After 40 about how one should write everyday, because writing begets writing begets writing. Truly after thinking about it, it does make sense. My blogging mojo has been missing and I think the long weekend has something to do with it. ... [ Read More ]

The Beginning Of The Season Of Lent


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and is about 40 days before Easter. Ash Wednesday also serves as a sign for us Catholics and Christians that we are ready to repent, to be humble and to renounce pride. I'm no expert when it comes to CLE as I have a terrible memory, but I got a better understanding of what Ash Wednesday is about when I attend mass at my local parish two days ago. The ashes traditionally comes from the burned palms from the previous year's Palm Sunday. We, Catholics and ... [ Read More ]

My Dear Baby Boy Juro


Hi Shotipie! I'm writing this blog post to serve as a diary for you (and for the world to see and read) heehee. No, of course this isn't some sort of instrument that I shall one day use to blackmail you with for your future girlfriends. ;) I am just excited to share with my blog readers something personal, after all  I am feeling quite sentimental today. So, anak, pagbigyan na! ;) Lil' Mr. GJG is now one year and six months old. I can't believe he's entering toddler stage already! And like his ... [ Read More ]

Analyzing Frozen And What I Learned From It


It's been months since lil' Ms. GJG and I watched Frozen, but we're still frozen over the movie (yes, pun intended). I was a bit perplexed that this move has become a big hit, but I immediately understood why, soon after I watched it myself. I was a bit surprised that Frozen isn't our typical Disney movie. Upon seeing the first few minutes of the film, my gut tells me Frozen's more than an animated love story. From the sultry catwalks of Elsa, to the clumsiness of Anna, I gotta say it is an ... [ Read More ]