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Six Years And Ten Commandments


Today marks our six year wedding anniversary. While I am not really cheesy online, today's an exception. The reason why I'm dedicating a post on my wedding anniversary is because the 6th year is about candy. Yes, according to the wedding anniversary guide, the 6th year's symbol is candy (traditional) or wood (modern). Although we don't really care about the symbol of each wedding anniversary, (only the 25th and the 50th anniversary- silver and gold matter to us) I figured this year's symbol ... [ Read More ]

Five Things: Cute & Useful Kids Stuff


Sharing some of my newly discovered things for babies, toddlers, well, kids in general which I find cute and useful. Euky Bearub Eucalyptus Chest Rub Php 489.75 Rainy days can trigger colds and flu. Clogged nose can make your child irritable which can lead to sleepless nights. Euky Bearub is a chest rub that helps relieve sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough, muscle pains and minor insect bites. This rub is suitable for children above two years old and is also safe for pregnant women. ... [ Read More ]

Last Year Being A Twenty-Something Someone, Somewhere

Today will never happen again

Today marks the beginning of the last year I'll be a twenty-something someone, somewhere. Thinking about it, I've had a pretty colourful life. I've had quite a head start than most of you, when it comes to learning on how 'life isn't fair', as I've experienced my fair share of challenging situations. It really is true that road blocks can make or break one's journey. Thankfully, I made it through life's detours bearing some scuffs coupled with a few marks that always serve as a reminder that ... [ Read More ]

My One And Only Parenting Advice & Parenting Mantra

Recipe for motherhood

I really appreciate hearing my co-parents tell stories of their children. How my fellow SoMoms understand my concerns and validate them as part of being a parent. How a total stranger stops and compliments me or my kids even for the little things that made her smile. I like that despite, at times, I feel uncertain treading the path of motherhood, I do feel good being a mother to two little human beings. I am not a perfect mother nor do I try to be. Even though I'm a Virgo, I have learned to let ... [ Read More ]

Pregnancy Arsenal: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula


Expecatant motherbelles, newlyweds who are eagerly anticipating getting pregnant, and even mothers of one, two, or more kids, let me share one of the best products you should have, (if you haven't tried them yet) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. Even before I was pregnant with lil' Ms. GJG, I prepped myself early on because I have a few stretch marks to begin with. I figured my skin isn't as elastic so I better hydrate it even before it started to stretch. I know it may sound too OC but believe ... [ Read More ]