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Mostly emotional posts about the GJG family, parenting tips, domestic diva drive and harnessing being a homemaker and hands-on momma.

Up In Baguio For The Holidays

Baguio 2014_4

The holidays may be over, but for us it isn't until Chinese New Year comes. While browsing through hundreds of photos we have accumulated over the merriest time of the year, I couldn't help but smile as I look at the album of our quick getaway the day after Christmas. We went to Baguio for three days to enjoy the cold weather and just relax and have fun with our extended family. We left five 'o clock in the morning as Mr. GJG, the official driver wanted to be there early so not to waste a day ... [ Read More ]

Seda Nuvali Hotel Staycation


 The weekend before Christmas, the GJGs went for a quick getaway down south. We were invited by Seda Nuvali for a weekend staycation to welcome the holidays. Seda Nuvali Lifestyle Hotel opened March of 2014. It's the fourth hotel in the country bearing the name of Seda, a brand established by ALI subsidiary AyalaLang Hotels and Resort Corp. (AHRC). Seda Nuval is the first lifestyle hotel in the booming center of Laguna that offers lakeside amenities and many other green features. It's the ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Wish List 2014

Christmas List

I've lost track of what Christmas feels like prior to becoming a mom. Back when I was single, all I could ever think about during this most wonderful time of the year is the things that I want for myself. Books, shoes, bags, and all the other unnecessary but deeply wanted things. It's been five years since I can vividly remember what those Christmas times feel like. Now, it's all about the kids and how to make every 24th and 25th of December memorable and happy for them. Though I don't mind this ... [ Read More ]

Today I Celebrate The Life Of Patty


I slept a bit late last night so the early morning texts and calls from my fellow SoMoms were mere whispers in my very blurred dream. I woke up a bit sweaty and uneasy as I answer a call from an unregistered number, and it was Eliza on the line. "Hey, Patty's gone". I couldn't muster any words nor put more effort to come up with a decent reply as I heard Eli sob. I just froze and felt cold. My palms were sweaty and my hands shaking. As soon as Eliza informed me, I checked my texts and online ... [ Read More ]

The Go Family Portrait 2014


It's becoming an annual thing for us to have our family portrait taken. However, what makes this year's portrait different from the previous year is that we got to shoot it outdoors. The thing about shooting outdoors is that there are a lot of things to consider: weather, natural light, venue and the mood of the people involved. These are some of the things we had to keep in mind when we agreed to shoot outdoors with the super cool, talented and rising life + style photographer, Louie Arcilla. ... [ Read More ]