No Bake Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown


Dates with my lil' Ms. GJG has become a regular thing for us. She insists on accompanying me when I do errands around the neighborhood just because. I take this opportunity for my firstborn and I to bond and have quick lunch dates or enjoy an afternoon snack together. So one Monday, after finishing our errands, we wandered around Fully Booked and decided to try Press Cafe. Press Cafe is located right inside Fully Booked at Promenade in Greenhills Shopping Center. The quiet ambiance is ... [ Read More ]

#BetterMe Recipe Swap With Lee Kum Kee


Learning new recipes always excites me. Learning new EASY recipes from fellow moms validates my fondness when it comes to cooking. I really look forward to events that would make me a better person especially in the kitchen. So glad that one of my trusted pantry staple, Lee Kum Kee hosted a #BetterMe Recipe Swap last May 20, 2015. Four moms shared their easy peasy recipes using Lee Kum Kee's Panda Brand Oyster Sauce. Suzi Abrera hosted the cooking event and was one of the four moms who ... [ Read More ]

Dish Reinvented With Nestlé All Purpose Cream


As a homemaker, I find myself always caught up with what to cook. When I have a busy week, I tend to resort to take outs and when I ran out of ideas for new recipes, we just dine out. This fast-paced, multi-tasking life is challenging and as a mom of two young children, it can be difficult. Most of the time when I cook, I always notice we're heavy on left overs. Despite cooking in small batches, what I prepared for lunch, we still eat for dinner. This "repeating of food" has been brought up by ... [ Read More ]

Global Academy x SoMoms Workshop


I've always liked cooking and even before I got married, I already knew how to cook because my mom would ask for my help in the kitchen. When I moved out from home and started a family of my own, I already have a few family recipes which my mom taught me. Still, I like learning new recipes and I mostly get it on the Internet. Sometimes though when the schedule is too pressing, I end up preparing what I already know how to cook by heart. I do miss the times when my mom would teach me new recipes. ... [ Read More ]

What’s Your Nestle Non-Fat Milk Recipe? + Giveaway

NNFM Prizes

Ever since I've chosen to eat healthier and more consciously, I've been more selective about what I prepare for myself and my family. For example, I never thought I'd like milk as much as I do right now. Good thing there's NESTLE NON-FAT MILK to provide my daily serving of milk. Not only does it aid in giving me the daily calcium that I need, it also helps me manage my weight, since each serving has a 90-calorie count and only 0.1% fat. While I find it easy to veer away from unhealthy food, I ... [ Read More ]