Easy To Do Halloween Bento Snack Box


 My lil' Ms. GJG loves snack time. She would always ask me what's in our pantry and would even decide what snack she'll bring to school. There are times I surprise her by creating different bento snack boxes and she likes it- she gets amazed every time she opens her box at school. I'm starting to get the hang of bento-ing and luckily, I've got a few tools to get me started. And because Halloween is just around the corner, I've decided to make a Halloween bento snack box for my darling ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Recipe: Baked Cheesy Garlic Fish


One of the challenges I face as a homemaker is preparing the weekly menu for my family. While I rotate my family's favorite dishes every now and then, I try to come up with new dishes that hopefully they would enjoy. Currently I am at a stage where I need not to worry much about what they want as my children are still too young to request for a TexMex night of tacos & burritos or an All-American night of burgers, fries and pizza. I figured I should enjoy this for I only have a few more years ... [ Read More ]

Rain Day Dish: Creamy Cheesy Crab & Corn Soup


I received a huge box in the mail a few weeks ago. When I opened it, I didn't expect I was in for a cheesy surprise. This is definitely a perfect way to get cheesy. Thank you Perfect Italiano for the dose of cheesiness! Its raining cheese at the GJG household! What to do when you have cheese overload? First, you share it with you family & friends. Then you put cheese in anything you cook! Heehee. This is what I did. I was serving cheese almost everyday for the past weeks to my family. ... [ Read More ]

For All The Cooking Mamas My Great Food Is Here


Cooking mamas rejoice! San Miguel Pure Foods launched a consumer portal to provide food lovers with new and interesting recipes that can be easily done at home. Introducing My Great Food website and app. I was lucky to be invited for an intimate lunch featuring this wonderful tool that can help us homemakers and food lovers prepare and learn new dishes and even help us plan our weekly menu. The launch was held at Marmalade Kitchen in BGC, Taguig. A handful of bloggers got first dibs on how the ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Recipe: Quinoa With Zucchini And Corn


Eating healthy food can be a challenge specially when ready-to-eat, mostly processed food are available and of course, more convenient to serve to your family. But then I decided that I would at least somehow exert an effort to prepare healthy meals for my family. So I started off by trying quinoa. Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wa) means "the mother grain". Ironically, it looks like grain but its actually seed. It's high in iron and has a distinctive flavour and fluffy texture. It makes a tasty ... [ Read More ]