Owl Coffee & Tea Is Now In Manila


                           Coffee & owl are two things that I certainly love, so when I got invited to the launch of Owl coffee I was ecstatic! I've heard about Owl coffee from my fellow SoMom Michelle of My Mom Friday. She even gave me samples to try, which were gone in a matter of days. I loved it so much that its one of the things I always look for during my grocery visits. Owl Coffee & Tea's official media launch here in Manila was an opportunity for me to learn more not only about ... [ Read More ]

Detoxing For The First Time With Juice Ko Jo


It's been a week since I had my very first juicing experience. Overall, I say it's something I'm glad I did. This 2014, I'm focusing on being healthy and hopefully to achieve abs. Hahaha. But seriously, more than losing weight, I want to start the year by learning to eat healthy. When I announced that I'll go on a three-day detox, Mr. GJG was surprised and asked me if I can resist not eating sweets. He knows I'm such a sucker for sweets and the only fruit juices I like drinking are mango & ... [ Read More ]

Dining At Grace Park, One Rockwell


Dining out with a girl friend or having date nights with Mr. GJG has been a luxury for me. I think I'm used to eating fast, eating anything and not even eating at all. Haha. So when Tin aka Manila Fashion Observer & I got a chance to dine at Grace Park, I just had to somehow document it! Clear photo of the menu, fail! Hahaha. But because I like how simple, compact, no-nonsense it looks that I'm still including it. Grace Park reminds me of the area in Caloocan which is near to where my ... [ Read More ]

A Taste Of Air Asia Inflight Meals


I never scrimp on food. I believe that life is way too short to not indulge on something that you know will make your tummy happy and leave your palette longing. But one of the food that I don't really look forward to is inflight food. Apart from the usual tin foil presentation, I find them all one and the same. Taste wise and price wise, I honestly think they're not worth it. So I don't really blame passengers who would rather bring their own food or snack during flights even if it's just an ... [ Read More ]