Share A Coke

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One thing to make your day is when you see a hint of happiness in the little things. Share a Coke with Ganda (Beauty). It did made me smile the moment I saw this and I'm sure those who already know about the newest campaign of Coca Cola, #ShareACoke, feel the hint of happiness each bottle/can brings. Coca Cola swapped their iconic logo on their bottles and cans with terms of endearment and names of family and friends so we can share a Coke with people who matter to us most. My weekly trip to ... [ Read More ]

Is Your Child A Picky Eater?


One of the things that concerns us parents is when our children become picky eaters. I get questions related to feeding almost all the time as I know a lot really do struggle when it comes to this aspect of parenting, especially parents who are working and don't have the luxury to be a hands-on to their children. My kids aren't really ac picky eaters but I have to say they have their favourites. They like pasta and noodles more than rice and grains, vegetables and soups more than meat. While ... [ Read More ]

Oreo Transform It + Giveaway


I bet most of you by now have already watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. How did you find the movie? The movie maniac in me liked the usual Hollywood franchise of the film. As expected, the CGI was great. Kinda reminded me of our Singapore trip when we rode the Transformers ride. It was wild and I felt like I was really in a scene where Megatron was chasing after us and Optimus Prime. Feeling Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nicola Peltz (who I like more in The Last Airbender) lang ... [ Read More ]

Rain Day Dish: Creamy Cheesy Crab & Corn Soup


I received a huge box in the mail a few weeks ago. When I opened it, I didn't expect I was in for a cheesy surprise. This is definitely a perfect way to get cheesy. Thank you Perfect Italiano for the dose of cheesiness! Its raining cheese at the GJG household! What to do when you have cheese overload? First, you share it with you family & friends. Then you put cheese in anything you cook! Heehee. This is what I did. I was serving cheese almost everyday for the past weeks to my family. ... [ Read More ]

City Delivery Now Offers CO2 Reduced Food Delivery


 Ever notice a tiny post-scriptum found in most emails that looks something like this? I have as I do get a handful of emails everyday, most of them have this post-scriptum which always caught my eye. I love that most companies are taking conscious effort when it comes to doing their part to help the environment, one small step at a time. I honestly prefer PR agencies and clients alike to just email me press releases or use e-vites instead of sending physical invites and printed articles, ... [ Read More ]