The Coffeemate Barista University


I'm a self-confessed coffee addict. Coffee is a huge part of my day as I cannot function properly without it and one of the things I always look forward to in the morning is enjoying my first cup, while taking in all the beauty that's slowly unfolding. I guess it's safe enough to say that I cannot live without coffee. In our futrue dream home, we plan to have a coffee bar/ library-it's a must for coffee junkie bookworm me. This, plus owning a coffee shop are just two of my ultimate dreams which ... [ Read More ]

Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal

Shakey's Super Grand Slammin' Deal Poster

There's always something appetizing about the look of pizzas that I can't seem to resist. Whether one is a food lover or not, no matter what time of the day is, everyone finds pizza this way. Is it just me, or is pizza more sumptuous to eat along with a better half? Say, pasta or chicken? What better way to enjoy your favorite slice of pizza than by getting it in a bundle. Luckily, Shakey's is way ahead of us as they created their Super Grand Slammin' Deal. The Shakey's Super Grand Slammin' ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Bento Box With Cheez Whiz


Remember my post about my Halloween bento box? This time around, I had the chance to learn to make a Christmas bento box one weekend as I traveled down south to attend The Bento Mommas' bento workshop. It couldn't have been a perfect timing as lil' Ms. GJG insists I make her a snowman (aka Olaf) bento box for her to enjoy during snack time in school. The Bento Mommas held their bento box workshop at The Urban Food Collective at Commerce Center in Alabang. Meet Moneigh, April and Kaye the 3/5 ... [ Read More ]

Hole In The Wall + Century City Mall Christmas Offerings


Christmas is definitely just around the corner. How many times have you read or heard this line?! With just 29 days to go, it really is just a few more sleeps to go! In line with this, Century City Mall invited a handful of bloggers, myself included, for an evening of great food and new discoveries as we discover more reasons to #LoveChristmas.  What better way to do this than to experience  their not-so-hidden-gem called Hole In The Wall? To be honest, I've only been to Century City Mall ... [ Read More ]

Something To Chew Food Tour At Glorietta


Getting invited by restaurants to sample their dishes and give an honest review on what I think about their food is a privilege. While I am not a food blogger, I am lucky that restaurants consider me as someone who could shed some light to people who want value for their money. My palette is really simple and my criteria for appreciating good food equates to three things: flavor and quality, excellent service and value for money. So when I got invited to do a food tour hosted by Glorietta Mall ... [ Read More ]