Baguio Eats: Hill Station Bistro


Baguio was packed with tourists during our stay over the holidays. It was pretty challenging to get a table at the popular restaurants and queuing isn't really child-friendly. Long waits make children impatient and can lead to tantrums & fits. We've pretty much anticipated how chaotic it would be so we figured to scout for restaurants we've never tried but still being a local tourist dining destination. ... [ Read More ]

Toby’s Estate Century City Mall


Remember the time of the yogurts? How about the height of milk teas? While some of these establishments are still doing well despite its niche segment, I think the food & beverage industry has slowly welcomed the brewing of well-curated, hand crafted coffee which is the next best thing here in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila. The rise of different coffee shops whether homegrown or not is something that I really don't mind. As a coffee lover, I'm ecstatic to try different blends ... [ Read More ]

D&B Duck & Buvette, Shangri La Mall


As much as possible, Mr. GJG & I try to squeeze in a date night every weekend. The traffic though can limit our search for restaurants we've never tried. Lucky for us, one of our favorite malls is just a few minutes away from our area so we brave one Friday night and off we went to Shangri La mall to try Duck & Buvette. Buvette (bu-vet) is a French neighbourhood refreshment stall usually found near markets offering simple and friendly prepared snacks made from the ingredients ... [ Read More ]

Rita’s Italian Ice Now Open In Manila


You know you're turning into a foodie when you get giddy upon finding out that food stores that were once only thousands of miles away from your country is finally opening a store in your home shore. Thus, I conclude that I'm turning foodie-nese (okay, I made up that term but aminin, medyo catchy). I was pretty thrilled to know that my neighbourhood shopping centre has added a new concept store, making Greenhills' roster of restaurant enough reason to visit. Rita's Italian Ice is the largest ... [ Read More ]

Recipe: Cheesy Alphabet Noodles


 With all the holiday feasts here and there, sometimes the simplest food can be the most comforting. My kids love it when I prepare their all-time favorite Mac and Cheese. But serving it often can make it ordinary and the usual. So I created my own recipe and made it easy, peasy and slightly different, to entice my kids to continue their love for anything cheesy. My Cheesy Alphabet Noodles needs only four ingredients and a three-step recipe that even the no-cook mama can easily ... [ Read More ]