Sweet Sunday Brunch At Spectrum Restaurant


Remember the Lego-themed Sunday Brunch of Spectrum? Now, Spectrum Sunday Brunch is made sweeter with their Sweet Sunday Brunch: A Candy Wonderland, perfect for those who have sweet tooth. Sweet! Totally. Haribo bears filled with Haribo products welcome the guests of Spectrum for their Sunday brunch. Spectrum offers an array of cuisines: Filipino, Spanish, Middle Eastern and continental dishes. Since I'm no food blogger, I'll let the photos do the talking. Warning, the following photos will ... [ Read More ]

But First, Coffee!


I am one of the many people who cannot function properly without first having a cup of coffee. These funny coffee mugs basically sum up how I am with my first cup in the morning. photo source photo source photo source The moment I wake up, I check my phone and immediately as if by cue, my mind would softly utter BUT FIRST, COFFEE before even attempting to think about the gazillions things I need to do. I cannot remember the first time I had a sip of this powerful beverage. But I believe ... [ Read More ]

Make Your Own Minion With Monde Special Mamon


Ever since we knew the existence of minions when we watched Despicable Me, we've become slightly obsessed with their cuteness. I mean, can you resist the yellow loving, banana eating creatures?! My lil' GJGs minions! When we learned that the Minions will have their own movie, we planned on watching it. So we were thrilled to get an invite from Monde to watch Minions. Minions + Monde = cuteness & fun! During the movie screening, there was a Monde stall letting the movie goers try ... [ Read More ]

Healthy, Happy Meals By Diet Diva


Diet is often a misunderstood term. I hate it when people would give their opinion on how I lost weight and then attribute it to diet as if it was a bad thing. Seriously, di ba pwedeng it's because I work out regularly and eat healthy food? I never had any weight problems when I was growing up, I was slim and thin. But after having two kids, my body and metabolism have changed. I may still look slim and thin but I'm far from being healthy. Loose skin and saggy parts that gravity have ... [ Read More ]

Hello & Goodbye Magnum Manila


For someone who loves sweets, I admit I have never tried Magnum Manila until recently. I know, I know I suck at being a lover of sweets but every time we're at SM Aura, the queue is always long & buying a create-your-own Magnum doesn't give you a seat inside for dine-in are for those who would order their savoury treats. Since I really wanted to try Magnum, I did my errands one weekday at SM Aura with my lil' GJGs. So finally after 48 years, we were able to try Magnum Cafe. The lights ... [ Read More ]