Push For Healthy With Purefoods Sexy Chix + Giveaway


Food confession: I love chicken. People close to me, especially my family know that it's one of the food I cannot live without. I always make sure we have a fillet chicken breast, thigh fillet or leg quarter in our freezer because really, whipping up a chicken dish is easy with these around. So when I had my Food Intolerance Test, I was praying to the nutrition gods to spare me from chicken intolerance because I don't know what I would do if I had to bid goodbye to it. Lucky for me, I'm not ... [ Read More ]

Happy Big 4-0 To CDO Foodsphere


 As I was doing our weekly grocery, I realized how CDO has become a part of our home. We've tried almost all of CDO's products. From their honeycured bacon, hamburger patties, tocino, karne norte and canned tuna, to specialty ham that we feast on come Christmas. We always have CDO Karne Norte and Honeycured Bacon at home because these are staples that we just couldn't resists. CDO has helped me create dishes for me and my family to enjoy. Yep. Jane Austen was right. There's comfort in a good ... [ Read More ]

Highlands Prime Steakhouse, Estancia Mall


I don't know any guy who doesn't like steak. I say this because the only thing that excites Mr. GJG aside from me treating him to dinner is having his steak fix. So you could imagine his delight when we visited Highlands Prime Steakhouse last week as a pre-Father's Day treat to him. He even had "light breakfast" that day so he can prepare his tummy for lunch. Ha! Highlands Prime Steakhouse is located at Estancia Mall, Capital Commons, making it more accessible to all the steak lovers and ... [ Read More ]

Food Waste No More


Did you know that roughly, one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted? That's approximately 1.3 billion tons. source Billion tons of food wasted and it's a sad, sad truth. I know we can't really change everything over night. But as an individual, we can do our part in helping reduce food waste. If you've read the tips I shared when it comes to menu planning and supermarket day and have tried to implement it in your own way then you're one ... [ Read More ]

A Thing Or Two About Food Prep & Food Storage


After sharing some tips on why it's better to have a meal plan and schedule trips to the supermarket, I'm now sharing some tips when it comes to food preparation and food storage. Honestly, meal preps is as personal as meal planning. Again, it would really depend on you and your household so this may really vary. FOOD PREPARATION 1. Segregate items in your cart. Yes, it starts with you properly filling out your grocery cart. I learned this the hard way. Just putting items inside our ... [ Read More ]