Dish Reinvented With Nestlé All Purpose Cream


As a homemaker, I find myself always caught up with what to cook. When I have a busy week, I tend to resort to take outs and when I ran out of ideas for new recipes, we just dine out. This fast-paced, multi-tasking life is challenging and as a mom of two young children, it can be difficult. Most of the time when I cook, I always notice we're heavy on left overs. Despite cooking in small batches, what I prepared for lunch, we still eat for dinner. This "repeating of food" has been brought up by ... [ Read More ]

Global Academy x SoMoms Workshop


I've always liked cooking and even before I got married, I already knew how to cook because my mom would ask for my help in the kitchen. When I moved out from home and started a family of my own, I already have a few family recipes which my mom taught me. Still, I like learning new recipes and I mostly get it on the Internet. Sometimes though when the schedule is too pressing, I end up preparing what I already know how to cook by heart. I do miss the times when my mom would teach me new recipes. ... [ Read More ]

Planet Grapes: Where Wine Meets Street Food


When it comes to booze and spirits, I'm a hard drink kinda-gal. I never liked beer because I always feel full and my tummy acts weird with all the fizzle it gives. Vodka, tequila and wine- now these are my alcohol trifecta. While I find vodka and tequila one and the same, it is different when it comes to wine. It's got more than a handful of variants to choose from. This I don't mind, as Mr. GJG & I make it appoint to enjoy wine from time to time. It's our way of distressing after a long ... [ Read More ]

Dean & Deluca Now Open In Manila


Dean & Deluca is finally open in Manila. The long wait is over and Dean & Deluca fans can now satisfy their pastry cravings. I have to admit, I am not really a fan as I've never been to a Dean & Deluca store abroad. What got me familiar with this cafe joint is its appearance on TV shows where lead actors are seen holding a black coffee cup with a DEAN & DELUCA logo. Still, when my fellow mommas & blogger friends Tin Dychiao aka Manila Fashion Observer, Pam Siao of Green ... [ Read More ]

Sodam Korean Restaurant


I've recently discovered this hole in the wall restaurant in my neighborhood. Sure I've passed by this street countless of times but it wasn't until my co-parent celebrated her birthday lunch that I was able to try this eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant called Sodam. Sodam is a Korean Grill Buffet Restaurant with Shabu-Shabu, unlimited grill of pork and beef. It's actually my first time to dine at a Korean buffet restaurant, so I honestly didn't know what to expect aside from the unlimited ... [ Read More ]