Hole In The Wall + Century City Mall Christmas Offerings


Christmas is definitely just around the corner. How many times have you read or heard this line?! With just 29 days to go, it really is just a few more sleeps to go! In line with this, Century City Mall invited a handful of bloggers, myself included, for an evening of great food and new discoveries as we discover more reasons to #LoveChristmas.  What better way to do this than to experience  their not-so-hidden-gem called Hole In The Wall? To be honest, I've only been to Century City Mall ... [ Read More ]

Something To Chew Food Tour At Glorietta


Getting invited by restaurants to sample their dishes and give an honest review on what I think about their food is a privilege. While I am not a food blogger, I am lucky that restaurants consider me as someone who could shed some light to people who want value for their money. My palette is really simple and my criteria for appreciating good food equates to three things: flavor and quality, excellent service and value for money. So when I got invited to do a food tour hosted by Glorietta Mall ... [ Read More ]

Easy To Do Halloween Bento Snack Box


 My lil' Ms. GJG loves snack time. She would always ask me what's in our pantry and would even decide what snack she'll bring to school. There are times I surprise her by creating different bento snack boxes and she likes it- she gets amazed every time she opens her box at school. I'm starting to get the hang of bento-ing and luckily, I've got a few tools to get me started. And because Halloween is just around the corner, I've decided to make a Halloween bento snack box for my darling ... [ Read More ]

Finally! Tim Ho Wan


 After 48 years, okay fine mga 10 years lang, always passing by seeing the long queue and not having the patience nor the time to line up, we've finally managed to dine at Tim Ho Wan's first store in Manila, conveniently located at SM Fashion Hall, Megamall in Mandaluyong City. What was once a hole-in-the-wall eatery in Hong Kong defined all odds and gained entry in the Michelin guide. It's a big deal when a restaurant is a Michelin-starred one, as there is a great expectation when it comes ... [ Read More ]

Burger Brunch At Slammin’ Burgers


  American food, particularly burgers and fries are my favorite. I even craved for well-done juicy, meaty & flavourful beef burger on both my pregnancies with the lil' GJGs. I guess for me burger is a comfort food that once consumed, everything feels better. Heehee. One no-school weekday,  I asked lil' Ms. GJG on a date. She gladly said yes so off we went to Greenhill Promenade and treated ourselves at Slammin' Mini Burgers & Fries & Dips. For burger lovers like me, I'm sure ... [ Read More ]