Everything Nice Cake Shop And Cafe, Baguio City


I still have two more Baguio food posts. Pardon the delay of posting, like what I said during my Blogopolis 2015 talk, I do spacing and  divide my blog's content weekly, dedicating one post per category per week. This'll give my categories, equal chance to shine. Meganon? Anyway, I almost forgot that I have two more food finds when we visited Baguio over the holidays. While it's a must to dine at well-known restaurants around Baguio City, we opted to try new cafes & restaurants and ... [ Read More ]

Take A FIT (Food Intolerance Test) To Be Healthy

Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance

Ever since I put my game face on to be fit & healthy, I've been more cautious with my body. No, not in the sense of how it physically looks, (although, having toned arms & abs would be great!) more like knowing what works with it. One of the things I've been addicted to early on, even before I was married is wheat. In any chance, I would prefer wheat over regular white bread and would have the notion that it's a healthier alternative so it's probably good for my body. It wasn't until a ... [ Read More ]

Spectrum Awesome Sunday Brunch Where Everything Is Awesome!


What's more awesome than a Sunday brunch with your family? An awesome Lego themed Sunday brunch that is! Di ba? Who doesn't know and love Lego?! I grew up playing Lego and my kids go gaga every time we're at a toy store with a Lego play area. It's good to know that even the Millennials are still familiar with Lego and have come to appreciate it as much as we do. The global brand Lego, has truly become an iconic part of our pop culture. So much so that when they released the Lego Movie last year, ... [ Read More ]

Brunchissimo And Pizza Santino At Il Ponticello


 Il Ponticello launched their Saturday brunch called Brunchissimo and the GJGs got to try it over the weekend, just in time for lil' Ms. GJG's pre-birthday celebration. photo by Patty Laurel The last time I was at Ponti was during my friend Jenny of My Mommyology's despedida. It was, if I'm not mistaken a Friday night. The crowd was office people getting together after along day at work. So it was a breath of fresh air when we dined last Saturday as we saw friends having a laid back time as ... [ Read More ]

Whisk Salad Dressings, Dips & Sauces


Ever since I've consciously tried to eat healthier, salad has become my rice. I eat it almost everyday and I like adding ingredients that make it interesting and even more appealing to me. But the thing about preparing my own salad is that I only use two different kinds of dressings- balsamic oil & roasted sesame. Sometimes, what we think is healthy can actually have more, if not similar calories that of a burger or other fast food. One of these things are salad dressings or canned sauces ... [ Read More ]