Calyxta Beauty 101 With Ofra Lipsticks And Bianca Valero

What could be better than an afternoon of tea and scones? An afternoon of tea, scones and lipsticks that is!

Calyxta, an online magazine dedicated in giving updates on anything related to beauty recently launched their first ever Calyta Beauty 101. It’s an intimate event that showcased one for their partner brands, Ofra.

Calyxta believes that beauty is for everyone and their passion for sharing the essence of beauty inside-and-out is evident with their website. Now to further this endeavour, they held their first Beauty 101 with one concrete idea in mind – for beauty and etiquette to come hand-in-hand and remain relevant in our evolving surroundings.

Through the partnership with Ofra Cosmetics, they presented the trendiest berry and nude shades in a matte liquid lipstick that matches each and every skin tone. They have matched each liquid lipstick with the regular lipstick counterpart to give us the option of choosing what’s best for our lips.

What better way to swatch the trendiest and most skin tone flattering nudes than with a tea party-cum-swatch fest? Calyxta_Ofra_TeaTime_JackieGo_2

The Ofra matte liquid lipsticks were really put to at test over afternoon tea. We helped ourselves with all the scones and delicious treats as we swatched the different shades of Ofra liquid lipsticks to our pleasure.

Let’s just say our mouth were very busy that lovely afternoon as we munch on the treats and treated our lips with some matte lovin’ from Ofra Cosmetics.


Ofra’s long lasting liquid lipsticks come in an array of colors that look great when worn alone or with any make up. The packaging is simple and straightforward, and comes in clear tubes that immediately give a good view of each shade. Even with a small amount of the product on the wand, you’re guaranteed a good swipe with the light and creamy texture that makes for a swift and easy application. Check out the swatches I did. If these aren’t pigmented enough, I don’t know what is! 😉


from top to bottom: Americano, Plumas, Bel Air, Sta Ana, Rio, Laguna Beach, Pasadena and Sau Paulo.

Shucks, ang gaganda ng nudes na shades na to! I like them all and in fairness, they all look good whether you’re morena or fair. Winner!



from top to bottom: Malibu, Sta Monica, Las Vegas, Hollywood, St. Tropez, Palm Beach, Panama and Venice.Calyxta_Ofra_TeaTime_JackieGo_7

Since Calyxta Beauty 101 is all beauty beauty from inside and out, it was very fitting to have Bianca Valerio host the intimate event. She not only shared her favorite Ofra shades, but she also shared a few etiquette tips that could save any lady from a sticky and awkward situation.

Quick tips from Bianca Valerio when it comes to beauty & etiquette:

Lip balm serves a double duty – it removes matte lipsticks and at the same time moisturise the lips.

Always be polite and introduce yourself.

If you forget a person’s name and you’re caught in the moment, simply ask for his/her full name again. You can also introduce another friend to the person you forgot the name of so he or she will gladly introduce himself/herself again.

Dread small talks? Well sometimes, all you need to do is listen. Listen good because if you ask questions about the topic, chances are you’ll have fun while making other feel important, all because you listened.

Make someone feel important, today. A simple hi or hello could really make someone feel important.

It pays to be kind, always.



from left to right: New Orleans, Mocha, Bondi Beach, Ultimate Red, Sunset Beach, Atlantic City, and Santa Ana.Calyxta_Ofra_TeaTime_JackieGo_EricaParedes

Erica Paredes, Editor-in-chief of Calayxta proudly shared how she herself is such a lipstick junkie and how she loves playing with Ofra Cosmetics lipsticks even on a regular day.

Bianca Valerio all smiles after our swatching and open mic discussion (open mic talaga?! Chos!). Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Naks.


Congraulations Erica and the whole Calyxta team for the very first and successful Calyxta Beauty 101! Looking forward to more in the future.

Calyxta is offering exclusive Ofra Bundles at 20% off until November 30, 2015 only!

clockwise: Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach and Lipstick in Spicy, Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Mocha and Lipstick in Toffee, Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Americano and Lipstick in #13 and Ofra Liqiud Lipstick in Santa Ana and Lipstick in Karma.


Calyxta Beauty 101_Ofra_Guests

Thanks for having us Calyxta & Ofra Cosmetics!


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