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On average I use three different gadgets on a daily basis: my smartphone, my laptop and my camera. But to be honest, I don’t maximize my gadgets’ potential as I am not tech savvy. I only use their basic features and have no patience reading their novel-long manuals (aminin, we don’t really read them anyway).

So when Beyond The Box invited me for their first ever Box Talk featuring one of the few internationally recognized couples in the field of photography and design, I was thrilled and got my tech game on. Heehee.
EWSxBoxTalks_JackieGoI love Beyond The Box! It’s where I got my MacBook Air and other gadget accessories.

Beyond The Box is a premium reseller which aims to cater to tech enthusiasts across the country. It houses a fortified lineup of topnotch brands, all of which are synonymous to a creative digital lifestyle.

Knowing the technological tools are highly underutilized by the average “non-techie” customer (this is SO me!), Beyond The Box recognises that there is this wealth of untapped potential just waiting to be realized in the local scene. Beyon the Box sees this as an exciting opportunity and wants to be part of the solution.

Box Talks is specifically designed to speak to the average “non-techie”. The goal is to convince the “technologically disable” that there is much more to our every day devices than meets the eye. Artists in the fields of photography, degisn, music, alike , are invited to make a case for the potential of technology, by telling their stories in the hopes of inspiriting attendees to follow suit.


The first ever Box Talks was held at Le Petit Souffle in Century City mall.

I was able to test my 60mm lens to this event for the first time, so I took the liberty of taking a few photos since Le Petit Souffle is so Instagrammable!









The first Box Talks featured Everywhere We Shoot! Garovs Garovillo and Ryan Vergara started taking photos for their college portfolio. Ten years after graduation, they are now an internationally recognized tandem in the field of photography and design. Their uncanny ability to creatively immortalise the natural state of things eventually paved the way for the duo to become a sought after pair in the local fashion and art scene.

Technology has changed a lot for us. It has quickened the pace of our work, allowing us to think and work on our feet. It has made sharing our work more convenient, making the exchange of feedback happen faster, enabling us to achieve more.- Ryan and Garovs
EWSxBoxTalks_JackieGo_15We also learned the basic and then some, during the quick guide to using one’s Apple photo editing features.

After learning a few tips from EWWS, we participated in a challenge where we were paired and tasked to get creative and take a photo and combine it with our partner to create a good picture.

Here are the photos my partner and I took.





EWSxBoxTalks_JackieGo_12“See what’s beyond the box.”

Here’s our final photo. Pa-Witty Houston lang! Although we didn’t win the challenge, we had fun getting creative while going around Century City Mall. As what Ryan & Garovs said, don’t be afraid to experiment and try until you figure out what works for you. As for Instagram, set yourself apart by posting photos that are relevant to you yet interesting to your followers.

Here I was with Alex, Kisty, and Lia. Thanks for having us BTB! This is just the first of the series of Box Talks by Beyond The Box. Stay tuned and follow them on their social media channels to get updates on when the next one will be.


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