Bensimon Is Now In Manila

I have always been fascinated at how Parisians are effortlessly chic. They exude a relaxed and laid-back characteristic despite their fast-paced lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to channel the Parisian in me but I guess I’m in the ropes of learning that. So when Tin Dychiao aka Manila Fashion Observer and I got invited to the launching of a French brand of shoes, I immediately texted her.

Me: Tin! Are you going to the launching of a French brand of shoesay?!

Tin: Yes. OMG. Is this Bensimon?!

Me: Ummm, I don’t know, the invite doesn’t say anything.

Tin: I have a feeling it is Bensimon! I’ve been wearing them since 2008!

Me: May chance of a lifetime bilang Parisian ka in your past life. Let’s go?

Tin: Go!!!

Tin & I have been frequently seeing each other (no, hindi magjowa ang peg) because we’re neighbors and our daughters are classmates. So don’t get surprised if I have unleashed or at least try to channel the French chic in me, I blame (thank you for that) Tin for being my style influencer. I have to say, I’m loving it as I am being more cultured in terms of personal style, which I am slowly discovering and will share on a separate post.

So, here’s what happened during the Bensimon launch held last June 11, 2013.

I have heard of Bensimon before and have seen it on Tin’s blog but never really attempted to further my curiosity about the brand until last Tuesday.

Thirty years ago, there were two brothers who shared the same passion for advocating the Parisian love of life. Serge and Yves Bensimon created a symbolic icon of a classice sneaker design which embodies what the true Parisian love of life is- simple, effortless, an natural. This philosophy is what the brothers wanted to communicate through their footwear, which is shown in their perfectly imperfect look and feel.

Bensimon has built its roots in the European market, and is inspired by travel, military and true Parisian fashion. The sneakers of Bensimon cover an array of styles, colors and prints for men, women and children.


The Atrium at Enderun was completely transformed, it felt like we were dinning in one of the quaint cafes in Paris. Paris, someday I’ll see you.


The company who brought Bensimon to Manila is Terry S.A. (TSA) the same company who manages distributions of Havaianas, David and Goliath, Dupe, and Pininho here in Manila. Anne Gonzales, President of Terry S.A., said that their company “is constantly on the look out for brands that have a unique point of view, are optimistic, fun and work well with the Filipino lifestyle.”


“We aim to challenge the perception of Filipinos about sneakers in the country from a footwear category that is identified with grunge and roughness to one that is sophisticated and stylish. The Bensimon lifestyle highlights the perfect imperfections of Paris.”- Ammiel De Leon, Bensimon Philippines’ Brand Director.


Jane, Janice and Tin shopping the streets of Paris. Heehee.


Love the Bensimon collaborations!





Cute Bensimon for kids. Eyeing the navy blue for my lil’ Mr. GJG and the green fro my lil’ Ms. GJG.



They also have slip ons.



MFO tries on the blue and orange.


While I try the yellow and pink. Look the orange is also cute!


Bensimon sneakers are so comfortable, they’re flexible too. According to the Bensimon staff who assisted me, you can even throw it inside your washer and run it at its lowest setting, using a mild detergent, letting it air dry after. Its that simple to clean ha.


Look at Bestie being a Parisian chic!



I together with Tin & Janice.

Thank you Bensimon, Terry S.A. for having us! We enjoyed the lovely night in “Paris”. Heehee.

Excited to wear my pair of Bensimon so stay tuned! 😉

Bensimon sneakers will be made available in Center of Gravity (Forbes Town, Burgos Circle and Centris Walk), Shoe Salon (Glorietta 3, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, Robinson’s Ermita, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Trinoma Mall), and Shoe Thing (kids styles only: Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, and Greenbelt 5). Bensimon sneakers price ranges from 2,095 php to 2,565 php for men’s and women’s line and 1,295 php tp 1,795 php for the kids’ styles.

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