The third leg of the Axe Black pop-up bar was that of Victor Basa. It was held at Quantum Space in Makati and Victor’s bar was Explorer’s Social Club. The pop-up bar was pretty awesome. It was pretty much about traveling and it exudes an outdoorsy, glamping feel to it. They even had a Land Rover & Maserati parked inside! The Axe Arena had ping pong table and air hokey where guests unleashed their sporty and competitive side. There was also a foil photo room where guests had their photos taken and a tattoo station where people can really have themselves inked! I was pretty tempted to have one!




I rarely go out on a weekday. And by rarely, I mean this is the first time in x number of years I went out on a school night. Pretty much a big deal because I drive my kids to and from school so I wake up 5 AM everyday. I felt like I was a high school girl who sneaked out and secretly partied on a Wednesday night. Good thing I was with my husband and met up a few friends so I’m glad I went out to have good time.


Atop the main area lay two more floors for the guests to explore. On the second level was the speakeasy bar-slash-study. This was where invitees grabbed the night’s whiskey-based signature drink, The Black Flag


One last climb brought the people to a special room, wherein a UV art installation lay, tickling the senses and enabling minds to wander.





AxeBlackVictorBasa_JackieGo_6The second level that was the speakeasy bar slash study where Mr. JG & I hung out almost the entire night.


Booze galore!AxeBlackVictorBasa_JackieGo_8


My favorite drink that night was this delicious White Russian. I had about 3 or was it 4?!

Bloggers represent! Here I was with Paul Chuapoco David Guison, Vina Guerrero, Kat Valdez, Chin Chin Obcena and their friends, Marielle and Earl.

AxeBlackVictorBasa_JackieGo_18Mr. & Mrs. JG with our good friend Carlo.


The night had proven that the last is certainly not the least, as #AxeBlackVictor brought his guests to different eras, countries, and dimensions, all with a spray of Axe Black.

Congratulations Axe & Victor on the successful pop-up bar!



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