10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up At Shopee PH

Being an avid online shopper, I know a good marketplace when I see one. And for me, Shopee is one of them. Remember when I wrote about Shopee and how I signed up not just to shop, but also to sell?

Being on Shopee for weeks now, I can say it has made online shopping more accessible, easy and pleasant.

I’ve narrowed down 10 things as to why I love shopping and selling at Shopee.

1. It’s a mobile app. It lets me shop and sell whenever and wherever I am, I don’t need to bust out my laptop and access it from the web.


2. Signing up is breeze. If you’ve read my previous Shopee post, I mentioned there how easy peasy it was to sign up. Choose to sign up via email or via your Facebook page.

3. Create listings for FREE. Yep. No need to pay any amount for listing nor commission. Post away as many items as you want. Yay!

4. Snap, say and sell! I have a bunch of clothes, shoes and bags that I’ve been meaning to sell but since I’ve been traumatize on how tedious it can be to list an item online, I decided to forego selling. But with Shopee, posting a listing is easy as 1,2,3. Snap a photo, say something about the item and post it to sell. It took me less than a minute to post a listing. No tediousness, the simplest 3-step selling procedure I’ve experienced.

5. Option to choose. Yep. Shopee sellers can enable shipping options for their buyers. This prompts buyers to choose what courier their seller should use. Perfect for those avid online shoppers (ahem, ahem) who have courier preference.

6. Seller Assistant. It helps me manage my listings, my customers and even my shipping. Everything is listed down on your seller assistant tab, all you have to do is click to keep track.


7. Chat with the seller to get the best deal. If you see something you like, you can immediately make an offer and if the buyer likes it, you get a deal. Real-time shopping with just a few clicks.

8. Get more deals and steals. Shopee has limited time deals in store so don’t forget to check your inbox once in a while for those irresistible promos.


9. Shopee Guarantee. Receive your order or get your money back. No more bogus sellers and uncertainty as to whether or not your item would arrive upon payment. Shopee guarantees you receive your order or you get your money back. Definitely a great reason to start shopping at Shopee.


10. Follow, like, link and browse away! Use keywords or better yet, click one of the bubbles from the hot products tab to know what Shopee users are searching for. With hundreds of listings, a day is not enough to browse them all! Good thing there’s a ‘like’ button which bookmarks & lets you view the listing again, anytime you fancy. You can also share your listings on your different social media platforms to reach to more people and if you have an Instagram shop, you can easily link it to your Shopee account.

If these reasons haven’t enticed you enough to join Shopee, I don’t know what will! 🙂 Go ahead and sign up and don’t forget to follow me on Shopee at www.shopee.com/gojackiego to get updates on my listings. Also, go ahead and use my promo code so you get P250 off your purchase at Shopee!

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